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> I thought this blog would be a good opportunity to answer the common questions that people have asked, and some things they haven’t…and to hear and discuss their (your) thoughts and ideas…..so please let me know….


34 responses to “About the Blog of Vision

  1. Christopher

    Hi, Love the BOV! While on the subject of what’s missing, why is the back cover of Vee-Jay’s Introducing the Beatles missing as well?

    • There was no Beatles “artwork” to speak of there. just ads for other artist albums in one version, and plain tracklisting in another. Needed to keep the book to a reasonable size, so that seemed like an acceptable thing to forego.

  2. terence reisman

    wonderful idea; i have not had time to explore it yet but will be anxious to hear about the additional storage features as I own both the stereo and mono remasters and would love to store both in 1 box

  3. Tony Plachy

    First, let me say how much I think BoV is just great and I am so glad I got it. Second, I think a BoV blog is another great idea. Finally, please tell us more about how you plan to handle correcting a few typos in the Catalography. When will it be ready, will you mail directly to those who have already purchased BoV or will we have to request it? Please keep up the great work.

  4. Frank Miranda

    Shortly after getting my BoV I wrote and told you how great I thought it was. It’s a wonderful storage system but I’m not using it for the new remasters; they’re in their own box (which is also pretty nice). Plus, there’s no place for the mono remasters, so I’ll be following your “additional inserts” idea with great interest. I’m using the BoV to store my original ’87 CDs (gasp!). I know — many people have dumped their originals for the remasters and there’s no question that the ’09 discs put the ’87 ones to shame. But I’m a completist — and besides, there are some subtle differences between some songs on the two sets. Anyway, the BoV stores them safely (along with Anthology 1-3, etc.) while the remasters are getting played to death! Best of both worlds!! Once again, Chris, a beautiful job!

    • RB

      If you store the ’87 CD’s in BoV, what do you do with the jewel cases and inserts?
      Same issue with the stereo and mono box sets.
      I haven’t reconciled the fact that all these sets have storage systems already! So to store them in BoV you have to discard the original storage system or just keep them empty.
      I considered returning my BoV because of this, but I really like the booklets that come with it. So I guess I’m keeping it but not using it to store CD’s.

      • Frank Miranda

        I store the inserts with the CD’s. The front artwork is essentially the CD booklet and is stored on top of the disc (as shown in the virtual tour). I’m sliding the back artwork (which includes the spine info) right on top of the BoV cardboard inserts that depicts the four discs that go in that sleeve (actually, eight front and back). Works for me, anyway. The back art is always visible when the disc is removed, and the front booklet easily slides out when needed. Most would say I have way more than I need but I can’t get rid of anything Beatle!!

      • Steve P in La Madison, Wis.

        I have to confess, I’m doing the same as RB. I like the two books quite a bit, but the binder seems awkward to use; and in any event, I think I prefer to keep my discs in their original packaging.

    • I’m doing the same as you, Frank. I’ve got the CDs from the 80’s in my BoV because I’ve got the mono and the stereo box sets. I’m being told by people that I have far too many copies of these albums. Impossible!

  5. RB

    Can you comment on the slots for the White Album? There are two slots because there are two CD’s, but there is only one cover, so one slot will have no cover, just a CD. Was that your intention? Or something else?

  6. Scott Enos

    The Box of Vision seems really great, but are there any plans to perhaps release the catalography and the album artwork book to those of us who love what you’ve done, but perhaps don’t want to store the CDs this way??… or do we have to buy the complete box of vision?? It would be great if you made the books available separately.!!!

  7. RB

    “It would be great if you made the books available separately.!!!”

    I agree. In fact, I was wondering what the return policy is. I don’t use it for storage so it seems like an awful lot of dough ($) for just the books, which I want.

    • Pattie

      Yeah, but having the entire piece is well worth the money, I think. It’s still much less than buying anything from Genesis Publications and the collect-ability will be just as great.

  8. Robert Burns

    Thank you soooo muck for the tip on keeping the booklets in place. I don’t intend on using the digipacks and was having a sliding issue. Your solution worked perfectly! I love this thing. The cover reproductions are stunning. The whole package is a masterpiece. Thanks!

  9. beatlesman76

    can we get an idea of production numbers
    i believe the ultimate edition is limited to 4000

    • The first printing, first edition of the Box Of Vision is limited to 7200 copies, and each is individually numbered. The “Ultimate” edition, presuming you are referring to the Restoration Hardware package is a separate packaging of the Box Of Vision with the 14 Remastered stereo CDs. This package is a limited run for the holiday season for RH– i dont know if they have specified an exact number.

  10. Ray From Texas

    I purchased the Ultimate Edition from Restoration Hardware because 1) it had everything I needed/wanted and 2) all the work had been done already gathering the discs. So now all I need to do is buy the BBC, Blue and Red collections and the Anthologies…thus making it complete! Thanx again for making this box to hold my collection. It is truly a magnificent idea and worthy of displaying proudly!

  11. XTRProf

    Hi there,

    What’s the Ultimate version of the BOV (Beatles) all about? Thanks.


    • Are you referring to the package you see at Restoration Hardware? if so, it is the Beatles Box of Vision, packaged together with all 14 of the 2009 stereo Remasters…in a large, collector’s gift box… you can see it on the Restoration Hardware website, under “gifts” and “Beatles.”

  12. Bruce H. Towell

    Just saw a comment on an Amazon blog for BOV. He stated there was no number on his recently purchased item. Mine is in transit, suppose to arrive this week, so I guess I have probably also lost out on getting a version in the first 7200. Went to the Restoration Hardware site, and they are still selling this Ultimate version. I’ll do some checking to see if it’s still possible to get a version from the first limited run (numbered up to 4000) and post my results. Thanks folks in advance for your comments!!

    • Hi Bruce: the original numbered Beatles BoVs were long ago sold out. The ones at retail now and available for sale are a second edition– very similar to the first but not numbered. Note that with the John Lennon BoV the entire manufacturing run is the “Time Capsule” limited edition ( all are individually numbered) in honor of the 70th anniversary of John’s birth, and built to be included in the John Lennon Time Capsule. We will never run another edition of this.

      • Bruce H. Towell

        Hello Jon,

        Thanks for responding to my post. My BOV just arrived, and I’m very impressed with this item! More elegant than I had imagined! Yes, this appears to be the second edition ( by the bar code it has BOV2) and I’m almost ashamed I didn’t hear or read about this last year when the first editions were selling. Are you at liberty to discuss the possible minor differences between this second edition and the first? Basically skimmed the two books for obvious defects, (found none) no typos that I have found yet. I’m very impressed with the housing and overall appearance, thanks! Not sure yet about storing the cd’s, I have 3 Stereo Remaster sets and one of them has the 14 small postcards of each Stereo LP and group stamp. So I’m not sure how I will mix and match the cd’s inside the BOV yet. Like that the Mono Remasters already have a secure covering on the cd’s, so this item is perfect for Stereo Remasters. Thanks again Jon for your “Vision”:-) I reserved a pre-order (at least I hope it went thru) for the Lennon BOV. Was not able to do this by phone like they stated in their ad, only on-line. Still have not received confirmation that they received my pre-order. Oh, BTW The Ultimate Edition at Restoration Hardware is still selling and they claim they still have the limited editions to 4000. Congradulations Jon, on a most worthy project, I just wish I had been aware of this offer last year so I could have purchased one of the numbered limited editions! Well ya know what they say..”snooze ya lose”:-) Thanks Jon, also for this blog!!

  13. Bruce H. Towell

    Hi Jon,

    Michele has been corresponding with me, thank you for the info:-)

    Been reading a blog about the BOV from last fall on Amazon, and someone blogged about an “extra” storage slot for an additional 16 cd’s, that one could purchase last November. Was this true? Did it ever come out? How does one get it? Do not see anything on the BOV website that mentions this. Maybe this was only available with the “Ultimate Collection” ? Thanks again Jon, for all your help. So will you getting to my neck of the woods, Cleveland, at the Rock Hall for the “Lennon” BOV dedication?

  14. whoah this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  15. Frank Miranda

    Hi Jon:
    Your reply posts of last August 14 said you’d be writing/blogging about upgrades to the original BoV, including where/how to purchase additional CD storage sleeves. Still love my BoV but I’d sure like to add more CDs to this storage treasure! Any hope? Any news? Thanks! Frank

  16. Paul SHEPPARD


    Just rec’d your most excellent Dylan Archive.

    You’re Beatles Box was great, Lennon’s Box better still, but you’ll have a hard time improving on your Dylan Box.

    Looking forward to your next project with great anticipation.

    Thanks again.



  17. hardy

    This all is a wonderful idea!
    But is there a hint on how one could store the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series cds within the system? Is it possible to get some blank inserts anyhow?

    thanks a lot


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