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Come See the Box of Vinyl/etc. and The BOB DYLAN Archive, in Sherman Oaks, CA this Tuesday (Jan.18)

I am going to attend Danny Benair’s Record Club at Freak Beat Records in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday (January 18) at 730 PM. I will be bringing along the latest and greatest prototype of the Box of Vinyl/etc. (see below for a more detailed explanation) and The BOB DYLAN Archive. So anyone interested in seeing either or both, I would love to show you them in person. Click the link above for more details…..

The Box of Vinyl/etc. is a unique case for storing and displaying your LP collections. I have been working on this now for over a year, and I am finally ready to show it off. I will soon be posting some photos, details, and even a demo video to show how it works. But before I show it off online, I want to make sure I incorporate any great ideas i may have missed. Because the Danny Benair Record Club is a get together of vinyl lovers, at one of the last great record stores left, I thought it would be a great place to get some final input before I go into production.

To those of you who have been asking about a companion box for storing your Beatles CDs that don’t fit into THE BEATLES Box Of Vision, or your new Apple Box Set, please note that that is what the “etc.” is all about. With a couple of twists, turns and a “voila,” the mild mannered Box of Vinyl transforms into a companion storage and display case for all of those CDs….maybe it sounds crazy, but it works, its cool, and I cant wait to show it off….



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Customer Reviews……make my holidays happy ones

I look at customer reviews and take them seriously. I am very proud that ours are always in the very very high 4s, almost perfect. (some people rate you 4 out of 5, and then comment “great.” Must be Russian judges…). So today I noticed we had someone rate us with a “2”! (Jose–you know who you are!) his comment was that the outer white shipping carton of his Beatles Box was damaged, and was frustrated that this was a Christmas gift he would have to give in a damaged box. So, I just got back from UPS myself and he will have his white box to replace the damaged one long before Christmas.

More importantly, i thought i would share our recent comments below….because I am real proud of them. (There are a couple of repeats in the middle, so forgive my ineptitude in creating and editing screen shots off my computer). I realize how nervous people can get ordering a product online– ive been burned myself (i just absorbed buying a defective baby monitor that i just have not had the energy to return….i’ll run to UPS to make a customer happy, but im too lazy to pack up and return my own defective purchases! once again the cobbler’s kids go shoeless!)

SO here you go….satisfied customers…makes me feel great. I think i’m gonna return that baby monitor right now.



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First real sneak peek of the upcoming Bob Dylan collection from Box Of Vision….

Our Bob Dylan collection can be previewed at an art gallery in London. On display from now until January… First time anywhere in the world….

You can see The Beatles and John Lennon Box of Visions there as well….

Visit us at the gallery in Central London

We are based in a beautiful space extending over three floors in Piccadilly Arcade, a well known luxury destination situated on the South side of Piccadilly, opposite the Royal Academy of Arts and Burlington Arcade. Piccadilly Arcade connects Jermyn Street with Piccadilly and is one of the primary links between Mayfair and St James.The London gallery is open six days a week.

8 Piccadilly Arcade

Monday to Friday 11.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday Closed

Bank holidays Generally closed



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JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision– beginning to manufacture

Here are some new photos. I have the final prototype now and I am really happy with it. I head to China tonight and we start manufacturing on Monday. It will be a very limited edition, so i plan on being there for each one manufactured and numbered.
Will be posting from there….hoping to put out the Time Capsule announcement on Thursday…


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The JOHN LENNON Time Capsule…THE DREAM IS ALIVE… if you want it

I felt that 2010 was a good year for the John Lennon Box of Vision, to coincide with what would have been John’s 70th birthday.

It is also the 30th anniversary of his death– a tragic event that was a significant moment in my life, filled with many memories and strong feelings. And I will be thinking about that come December. But, on balance, I much prefer to celebrate John’s life and legacy.

Of course, the John Lennon Box of Vision is a big part of how I will celebrate his legacy, but I wanted to do something more.

Bear with me here please– not trying to be preachy, just sharing my thought process:

As I got deeper into this project i started to think about how John’s body of work, which was so intertwined with his life, really was a time capsule of our lives. The prominent thread being the ideals he stood for, wrote and sang about– peace and love, of course, but also personal responsibility.

Those ideals, driven strongly by his music– beginning with the Beatles, but certainly more nakedly and directly in his post-Beatles work– fueled the collective belief in the late 60s (and into the 70s when i was a teen) that we really could change the world; fed the cynical backlash that began in the seventies (“the dream is over,” Watergate, all the way through the denial of the disco years) and really took root in the selfish, greed driven 80s (oh yeah…I guess those years look innocent compared to the last decade).

But as we stand here today in the new century, and think about our own legacy and the world that our children and grandchildren are inheriting– as much as we are more world-weary and sober-eyed about it– those same ideals seem even more relevant than ever; suddenly there seems to be a pride in identifying with them again, and they are ideals I would like my children to carry forward and believe in.

With the wisdom we have from having lived through the last 30 years since his death (and especially the last ten years), we should feel even more empowered to support those ideals that seemed so passe and naive in our foolish innocence in the 1980s and 1990s (when we thought we knew everything of course).

Maybe 9/11 was the call that woke us from the cynical, detached malaise we were in…the fact that we are now perpetually at war…and even the recent and continuing economic crisis.. now add to that the BP-sponsored environmental disaster that no one seems to know how to fix…

It all should contribute to the realization and acceptance that we can’t just continue to duck and deny personal responsibility, hide behind our cynicism, personal greed and endless pursuit of the latest technological toys.

So, I thought, what better way to celebrate John’s legacy and try to keep those ideals alive, than actually create a John Lennon “Time Capsule.” Seal it on his birthday this year, to be opened as part of a celebration on the 100th anniversary of his birth…October 9, 2040… long enough away to give the Time Capsule meaning, but still in our lifetime (hopefully.. but at least our grown children and grandchildren’s lifetimes) to hand off and pass on to future generations…..THE DREAM IS ALIVE…if you want it….

Okay enough for one post…MORE TO COME…

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More Lennon….

We’ve been making great progress on restoring the artwork. As with the Beatles, if you pick up 10 different LP covers of the same LP, you may find 1o very different looks. the Imagine album is the most glaring example so far. From the overall color on the front cover (originally a double exposure Polaroid shot, taken by Yoko) to the color of the sky on the back cover, its amazing how different the printing has been over the years.

The one we are having most fun with is the Walls And Bridges cover. Rather than try to recreate the fold over panels (I think that having fold over panels in the book will just make the presentation awkward and sloppy) I prefer to print each cover variation (front and back) on a different page. If you have thoughts about that, please share. I can tell you that when you see all the different variations, printed nicely and color corrected so there is a consistency among them, it really is a beautiful and fun experience to take in.

Also, have any of you see this article “>JOURNALLIVE


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Well, this is my first post of the new year. Been busy working on a few new projects, among them one of special importance to Beatles fans (including myself): a John Lennon package. As I start making some discretionary decisions it would help to have your input, so please feel free to comment here or email me.

Undoubtedly the artwork that accompanied the three “experimental” John and Yoko albums (aka Two Virgins, Life With The Lions and the Wedding Album) and the Live in Toronto album, is phenomenal. There is no question I will include stunning new prints of all of it. My first question to you is: ¬†how many of you actually own these albums on CD? Should the Box have ¬†specific spaces to store these CDs or would you find this odd for a Box to store your JL CD collection?

To be clear, it will definitely have places to store these CDs if you own them…i am just wondering if I should put these spots up front in their chronological logical locations, with mini LP art as was done with the Beatles, or should I just allow for empty, more generic spaces you can use to store them in additional CD spaces following the more traditional JL catalog of CDs?


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