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First Comments on the John Lennon Box of Vision….keep them coming please…..


It’s finally here! Congratulations for an absolutely precious work! A superb follow up to the Beatles BoV, and a truly deserving tribute to John Lennon’s solo musical legacy. The LP artwork book is immaculate! Thanks for the labor of love, this is a wonderful gift to all Beatles/John Lennon fans!


Great Job!

By Willoughby from Boston MA

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Gift, At Home
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
as people become accustomed to obtaining their music unadorned by physical accompanyment, there
is a nostalgia for the days when the LP jacket provided as much of an introduction to a new LP release as hearing the lead off single on the radio. This product handsomely combines the LENNON catalog artwork with an attractive storage
system for the respective CD releases.It is much more convenient to revisit these great graphics in this “coffeetable” book form than to pull out your old vinyl (if you have it). Also great for newer Lennon fans, who missed out on the LP era.
Very well done !


Just opened my John Lennon Box of Vision, and I was blown away!!
couln’t believe it was in my hands after months of just looking at photos on line!
Everything about it is just stunning!! I guess i was just looking for a “John ” version of the Beatles BOV,
but you really made it just John , and that is the charm of the whole package…


It’s here. I just completed the unboxing a few minutes ago.
Amazing! I love the LP artwork book…really well done. I don’t have an original vinyl Wedding Album, so it’s nice to see all the graphics that came with that LP.
It’s a great companion piece to my Beatles BOV…has anyone mentioned that Paul McCartney is releasing remasters?
Awesome work, Jon! Many thanks….


Hi and thanx again for a fantastic product!!!, keep ´em coming, and I´ll Let ´Em In (pun intended)….this is absolutely fantastic, and as with the Beatles box, you´ve made a Beatles-geek very happy…when´s the McCartney box coming?? 😉
Kind Regards,

I can say now that I’ve actually seen the Lennon BoV “up close and personal”, that it looks better than I even imagined.
It’s a class-act all the way, which is the only legacy you can give John. There’s not a thing about it I would change. Great job!

Dear Jon!
I received the John Lennon Box of Vision yesterday afternoon.
It’s simply a gorgeous masterwork and a fitting tribute to the legacy of John Lennon’s music and life.
Great job in putting this together. Now, I’ll have to order the Beatles Box of Vision to add to the collection.
Very happy and grateful!


Box came this morning. i am in awe.
one of the best things i own and nothing can prepare you for how good it is.
very well done…Chris




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Starting Over: Making of John and Yoko’s Double Fantasy ( a new book by Ken Sharp)

I just finished an advance copy of the new book “Starting Over: The Making Of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy,” by Ken Sharp.
If you just picked up your set of remasters, this is the perfect book to read right now.

Its an “oral history” of the making of the album (and John’s last days). The narrative is comprised, almost entirely, of quotes from the people who worked on the record: primarily musicians, producers, engineers and other studio personnel, who were all recently interviewed by author Ken Sharp. He rounds it out with quotes from Yoko, from an interview he conducted with her, and significant quotes from John himself, taken from (detailed) third-party sources.

Obviously its a great companion to Double Fantasy, Stripped Down. There is a song by song section you can follow along with, but even just for the feeling of being there while the album is being made.

The thing that really sticks with you is how happy John was at the time. Through everyone’s accounts of his moods, day in day out, and their interactions with him, it is clear that John had finally found a comfortable place with who and where he was in his life. The capper is the excitement and joy he felt with Walking on Thin Ice, and Yoko having finally recorded something that he felt would gain her the individual success and recognition he obviously so badly wanted for her. (And, of course, that he was a fan of Christopher Cross!)

The book comes out next week…you can pre-order at the link above or through Amazon….

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Rock And Roll Hall of Fame: John Lennon Time Capsule

The ceremony at the Rock Hall yesterday was beyond my dreams. The crowd was great, the Hall people were unbelievable. The Hall gave us a copy of John’s induction ceremony from 1994, and also a copy of the Beatles’ induction ceremony from 1998; a copy of the Hall’s catalog of Lennon memorabilia/artifacts in their collection; Curator Jim Henke (left in the photo above) inscribed his book Lennon Legend, for inclusion. I will post a rundown of contents and photos later in the week…


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SPECIAL OFFER: JOHN LENNON Box of Vision plus JOHN LENNON Signature Box: For a great price and terms…

So, finally, I was able to come up with a special offer through Musicspace.com:

The JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision PLUS the JOHN LENNON Signature Box Set for a combined price of $275 plus shipping (for the Box of Vision only– they will cover the shipping for adding on the Signature Box).

Also, if you choose “Installment  Pay” from the shopping cart, you can choose to pay in three installments, at no additional cost.  Click Here for all the details

I pulled this together because the Signature Box Set and the Box of Vision are true companion products. Once you see them both together you will fully get this. (I will post a video in the next day or two so you can how nicely the Signature Set pieces store inside the BoV.) I know the biggest John Lennon fans will want to buy both, so I wanted to offer the combination at the best price and on the best terms I could. (In this economy $275 is a hefty price tag– so I hope the three payment options makes it workable for as many of you as possible).

More to come….



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Videos coming on Lennon Box; Dylan and Beatles news to come soon

Im working on a bunch of videos, showing the Lennon Box of Vision in real time.
Hope to post the first right after Labor Day.
Will have further info on the Dylan BoV later next week….
Also have some Beatles Box of Vision news coming very soon….
Have a good weekend….


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How often does someone decide to charge you less? Shipping Costs Go Down.

Good news for everyone who has pre-ordered the John Lennon Box Of Vision: now that we have a piece of finished product and know exactly what it weighs, we can safely lower the shipping costs to $13.25 (same as for The Beatles BoV.) So if you ordered already, be happy to know you will actually be charged the lower shipping rate when it ships to you, and if you have been waffling, consider it an instant price break!

As I had told a number of you who had asked, we had to be careful with the initial offer as we got burned on The BEATLES pre-orders when that Box wound up weighing more than we had thought. Thankfully we have the opposite situation now. Thanks for bearing with us, and for your confidence.



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Is it the cover of the Rolling Stone if you make it on their home page?

Always good to appear on Rollingstone.com. Our first big sales day came when The Beatles Box Of Vision was mentioned on RollingStone.com last year….


John Lennon Books Announced
On October 9th of this year — what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday — the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will plant a time capsule that includes a package of three new books called The Lennon Box of Vision. The books gather all the original artwork from Lennon’s studio albums, the full art from John and Yoko Ono’s Wedding Album, and a Lennon discography with reproductions of John’s handwritten studio notes and a new essay by Bruce Spizer. You can buy the set yourself here.

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