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24 Hours left to save $25 on The BOB DYLAN Archive, THE BEATLES Box Of Vision and THE JOHN LENNON Box of Vision

BOX OF VISION FLASH SALE For Father’s Day…..Sale ends Friday


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Customer Reviews……make my holidays happy ones

I look at customer reviews and take them seriously. I am very proud that ours are always in the very very high 4s, almost perfect. (some people rate you 4 out of 5, and then comment “great.” Must be Russian judges…). So today I noticed we had someone rate us with a “2”! (Jose–you know who you are!) his comment was that the outer white shipping carton of his Beatles Box was damaged, and was frustrated that this was a Christmas gift he would have to give in a damaged box. So, I just got back from UPS myself and he will have his white box to replace the damaged one long before Christmas.

More importantly, i thought i would share our recent comments below….because I am real proud of them. (There are a couple of repeats in the middle, so forgive my ineptitude in creating and editing screen shots off my computer). I realize how nervous people can get ordering a product online– ive been burned myself (i just absorbed buying a defective baby monitor that i just have not had the energy to return….i’ll run to UPS to make a customer happy, but im too lazy to pack up and return my own defective purchases! once again the cobbler’s kids go shoeless!)

SO here you go….satisfied customers…makes me feel great. I think i’m gonna return that baby monitor right now.



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First real sneak peek of the upcoming Bob Dylan collection from Box Of Vision….

Our Bob Dylan collection can be previewed at an art gallery in London. On display from now until January… First time anywhere in the world….

You can see The Beatles and John Lennon Box of Visions there as well….

Visit us at the gallery in Central London

We are based in a beautiful space extending over three floors in Piccadilly Arcade, a well known luxury destination situated on the South side of Piccadilly, opposite the Royal Academy of Arts and Burlington Arcade. Piccadilly Arcade connects Jermyn Street with Piccadilly and is one of the primary links between Mayfair and St James.The London gallery is open six days a week.

8 Piccadilly Arcade

Monday to Friday 11.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday Closed

Bank holidays Generally closed



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VIDEO: JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision Catalography book

Here is the video guide to the Catalography book in the JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision.

I tried something different this time. A silent movie, “Ken Burns” style using stills. I think it gives a good feel for whats inside the John Lennon Catalography book. I love the way this book came out– the cover is a “debossed” bed of lyrics, white on white. It has a really nice physical feel to it that is impossible to capture on video. Otherwise, you can see here the discography, historic record ads and other drawings, photos and handwritten documents. I think its a beautiful book that really reinforces the “time capsule theme.”


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Official Inventory Document (hand signed) Available For John Lennon Time Capsule, for anyone who has a John Lennon Box Of Vision

I have received a number of requests for an official list of items that were sealed in the John Lennon Time Capsule.
All three capsules were in fact sealed on October 8 and 9 and are now in the custody at their final storage places: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio; Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, England; and in Reykjavik, Iceland.

We did have an official document that went with each capsule for archiving purposes. So I thought I would make it available to those John Lennon fans who would like one. After all, who better to make sure that the re-opening ceremony occurs with the proper attention in the year 2040. Hopefully I will be there to fulfill my commitment. But just in case…I will be closing in on 80 years old, and my cholesterol is higher than I would like– it would be nice to know that there other fans out there who will help carry the torch….or at least make sure the ceremony gets the attention it deserves.

I am having replicas of the official inventory document printed on the same white linen paper that the official documents are printed, and, as with the official documents I will hand sign each one (as a witness to the contents and the sealing of each capsules). I will also hand number each replica document.
I am not selling these. I just want to make them available, first, to anyone who owns a John Lennon Box Of Vision.

If you email me at Inventory@Boxofvision.com, and let me know your unique limited edition number in your John Lennon Box of Vision, I will hand number it to coordinate with your unique JL BoV number as well. Don’t forget to include a mailing address… i will get these out as soon as I can, but by the holidays for sure.
If you are planning on giving the JL BoV as a gift and want to include this, please email me once you receive it and let me know the limited edition number, i will try to get it to you as quickly as possible…. or if you do not want to open it up prior to giving as a gift, i will be happy to send it anytime through the end of january if you or the gift recipient email me with the number.




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John Lennon Time Capsule arrives in Iceland

The Time capsule has arrived in Iceland. A ceremony is being planned for November 20.
Here is a translation of the Icelandic webpage (courtesy of Google translator)….

The memory capsule arrived
On the occasion of the 9th October had passed seventy years since the birth of John Lennon was sealed that day in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum three memory capsule in honor of him and his friðarboðskap. The memory of the capsules are made in cooperation Box of Vision LLC, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Yoko Ono.
The capsules include all albums Lennon after he left the Beatles, the recent writings about him, newfound album artwork for him and árnaðaróskir and footage from the fans.

Outside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will be preserved in the capsules John Moores University’s School of Art and Design in Liverpool and the Audiovisual Department of City Library. Capsule which will be stored in the Library received the house today and it was festive time when it was taken from the pack. The capsule itself will not open until after almost 30 years, 9. October 2040 when the 100 anniversary of the birth of Lennon.

Festival will be held on the occasion of the arrival of the container memory on 20 November. The agenda will be posted soon.


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(Video:) Rock And Roll Hall of Fame: John Lennon Time Capsule Ceremony

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