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BOB DYLAN Archive reviewed today in No Depression…


The Bob Dylan Archive Box

By Box of Vision

So, what do you give the Bob Dylan fan who has everything? This 14.2 pound box that arrived at my doorstep the other day goes a long way towards answering that question as well as posing several others. Who would have thought the day would come when music fans would have over a hundred bucks to spend on a filing system – with no music included – for CDs that they already had? The lefty and social critic inside of me scoffs at the baby boomers and the seemingly endless supply of money they have to spend on the counterculture icons of their youth, but somehow the sincerity of this undertaking and the flawless aesthetics that guided it, quell the nasty voice inside of me.

Simply put, The Bob Dylan Archives box is a true thing of beauty. Made to look like a slipcase for Bob Dylan lps – their spines are reproduced beautifully – the Archives box is a set of three hardbound books. The first book is kind of like the albums we used to store hockey and baseball cards in – but much better made – and has a place for each of Dylan’s CDs. The second book is the most beautiful of the three and contains full size reproductions of all of Dylan’s albums complete with liner notes while the third booklet offers a photograph filled overview of Dylan as an artist.

Certainly, this Archive box may be out of the financial reach of most Dylan fans. Like the harmonica sets that came out a few years ago (and which I truly wish I could afford) this limited edition slipcase shows that there is a market for high quality, high end commemorative Dylan material. Though, it’s tempting to wonder what the young scruffy Dylan of five decades gone would have thought if he could have been spun into the future to see the fuss being made over him with box sets like this, it’s really beside the point. The music is one thing, the Dylan phenomena is another. For those wanting souvenirs, they don’t come any finer than this one. Well worth the money if you can afford it.


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