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24 Hours left to save $25 on The BOB DYLAN Archive, THE BEATLES Box Of Vision and THE JOHN LENNON Box of Vision

BOX OF VISION FLASH SALE For Father’s Day…..Sale ends Friday


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New Beatles BoV photos…



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BOB DYLAN Archive….from Box Of Vision….now, finally, officially: on its way

This one begins with the launch of the latest Box of Vision collection: The BOB DYLAN Archive.

When the idea for the Box Of Vision was first conceived, two artists immediately came to mind: The Beatles and Bob Dylan.
Both, artists with peerless album catalogs, most deserving of an elegant way to store, organize, and display them…
and, both with enough iconic artwork to give an LP sized book of restored album art the “wow” factor that immediately gives rise to the question “how could this have never existed before?”

The Beatles were a simpler catalog to conceptualize and execute this way. Although there were the US (studio) albums in addition to the UK albums, and there were all those compilations, the “official” album catalog –made up of the basic original UK albums– was well enough defined as a focal point.
When our timing ultimately coincided with the long awaited release of the re-mastered official catalog on CD, the pieces came together nicely.

Bob Dylan’s catalog presented its own threshold challenges, of course.
First, there was the sheer volume of studio albums, then the “Bootleg Series”, and then the real bootlegs (treasured and essential to so many fans).
I was never discouraged by the fact that doing this the right way would undoubtedly require a main volume that weighed close to 15 lbs– before a single CD was added. Or, even by the fact that there would need to be more than a single volume involved (to cover even just the official catalog).
The only real challenge to me was to make sure that the quality of the product, the way it looked and felt, lived up to the subject matter.
It had to feel that way the first time you opened up the big box, unwrapped it and held it in your hands.
And it had to hold up over time so that it could truly exist as the “heirloom” that was originally envisioned.

We succeeded…and over the next few weeks I will begin to share the details, leading into the relaunch of the Boxofvision.com website to really show off how beautiful this project is.

I dont mean to tease this….just really want to do it right….please bear with me and photos, videos and details about the project and a special pre-order offer are on the way.

In the meantime, to get all the ordering info immediately when available, please visit BoxOfVision.com/BobDylan and sign up on the email list…



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SPECIAL OFFER: BEATLES Box Set Plus Box Of Vision: $250 total for both! And pay in three payments.

The response to our recent offer of the John Lennon Box Of Vision + John Lennon Signature Box Set was nothing short of phenomenal.
So much so that we ran out and it delayed a few deliveries– which i truly apologize for….we werent prepared for the stampede and wanted to fill as many orders as we could– happily we ultimately could. We have ordered more Signature Sets – so you can still order if you hesitated or forgot. (US customers only….sorry to everyone outside the US.)

I have been wanting to do a similar thing with the Beatles Box Set for a year now.
Finally…I can.

I have a limited quantity of the 2009 Stereo Box set that I can offer as part of a package with the Beatles Box Of Vision, for a combined price of $250.
Really – you only pay the basic shipping for the Box of Vision ($13.25) and MusicSpace will cover the additional cost of shipping the Box Set.
And you can choose to pay in three installments, at no additional cost.

And YES – it’s the authentic thing(!) The original box set from Capitol Records, including the DVD with all of the mini documentaries.

If you have been waiting to buy either or both of the Box Set or Box of Vision– for yourself or as a gift– now is the time! (Again, sorry, but U.S. Customers only).
And again– you can choose to pay in three installments (at no additional cost). Do it now because, again, I don’t know how many i will be able to get at this price.

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Box of Vision presents: The Beatles, John Lennon and Bob Dylan

The basic idea of the Box of Vision is to create an elegant way to store an artist’s body of work in a single table-top  “archive.”
The “body of work” being of course the music (in case of the Beatles, Lennon and Dylan– the albums), as well as all of the large size, LP art.
In the album era,  that artwork was a significant part of what we connected with and fell in love with. We discovered those LPs  with the record sleeves on our laps, reading the liner notes and credits (sometimes lyrics). That visual experience  fueled our imaginations and shaped how we thought of the music.
Each Box of Vision so far has four common elements:  a striking box, and three books.
  • Book One is an LP size book of brand new album art prints– so the art can be enjoyed as a complete collection– as if you had all of the LPs together in your lap.
  • Book Two is an organized way to store and display all of the albums (on CD). Built specifically for the artists catalog of albums– organized so you can appreciate the chronology, the history and the body of work as a whole.
  • Book Three: a new simple but useful discography (more on this below).
Over the next few weeks I will give specifics on all three books: particularly on the new John Lennon and  Bob Dylan collections– but i will also fill in some pieces on the Beatles BOV as well.
I will start with the discography books….
I decided to call the discography books “Catalography” as the word “disc” seems to be less descriptive these days. With the word “catalog” being the broader word to refer to the body of recordings (particularly the albums), it seemed a better fit.
The main idea behind the Catalography books is to be  (a handy, and beautiful) context for long time fans to revisit or even fill out their collections, and for newer fans to begin to build theirs. I emphasize the word “context”, as it is not the intent for the discography book to be an exhaustive reference book on everything ever released under the artist’s name, and it is not the intent to provide a summation of the artists career in a retrospective essay or liner notes, the way a good box set might. These are artists for whom that has been done many times before, in many places.
But what I noticed (and was frustrated by) was that with all the new resources and information made available in the internet, discographies and computer generated catalog guides, finding a simple, non-confusing, layout of most artists album catalogs is getting harder and harder.
Of course, creating a new discography is the opportunity to do something new and different… with the Beatles, we created the first (as far as I can tell) side by side UK/US discography comparison. Bruce Spizer, who has written a number of books about the Beatles US recordings, wrote an exclusive essay and textual guide for us on this.
For Lennon and Dylan we had different themes, too, that I think work really well, and will definitely add something special….details coming next.

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JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision– “Catalography” cover

I love this photo. in the foreground is the “Catalography” (what we call the discography book– the word “disc” just doesn’t seem right anymore). The cover is a bed of (John Lennon) lyrics, “blind” debossed into the cover. So no ink. Its a great texture, and I love the way it looks.

When I think of how to crystalize the ideals that underly John’s music, in addition to “honesty” and the obvious “peace and love,” there is the concept of personal responsibility…”If YOU want it.” I wanted to tie that idea to the “Time Capsule” concept (more on that coming in days): that it is our responsibility to preserve the legacy of the artists who we love and respect for future generations. Otherwise their songs and recordings, to the extent they survive, wind up nothing more than meaningless jingles and elevator/background music.
Thats a common thread running through all of these Box of Vision releases, but a little more blatant (fittingly) in the case of the John Lennon BoV.

I thought blind embossing the lyric bed would be a good way of symbolizing how easy it is for those lyrics and ideals to fade away and be forgotten….

Of course, if you just like the way nice things feel, the texture should please you as well…

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“Nowhere Boy”

On my flight to Hong Kong last night I was able to watch “Nowhere Boy”– the film about John’s childhood (up through meeting Paul and George, and the formative early days of The Beatles) which has not yet been released in the U.S.
I wasn’t expecting to like it (don”t know why, was just my instinct). My instinct was wrong.

It is really well made, and the casting is surprisingly great. The actor who plays John, though he really looks little like him, becomes him halfway through the film. It starts with a few camera angles where you begin to think, wow he looked like John there, and then somehow it just clicks. The actor who plays Paul, also gives a very believable performance, without going for cliche/ imitation. (George didn’t have enough screen time to really leave a strong enough impression).

I was impressed that it covers the many well known events of John’s early life (fresh in my mind after having read Jude Southerland Kessler’s Shoulda Been There not too long ago) without banging you over the head– instead of just a series of events sewn together, it uses them to tell the story effectively. Its a good film!

Its supposed to be released in the US on John’s birthday. A good way to celebrate (after you have have received your Box of Vision of course)….


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