Review of Bob Dylan Archive from the upcoming issue of UK Dylan fan magazine “The Bridge” (


by Terry Kelly

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” John Keats said that in his Endymion (1818). Bob Dylan Archive from USA-based company Box of Vision is a Bobby Dazzler. I said that. Basically a deluxe storage facility for every official Dylan album to date – with space for future releases – Bob Dylan Archive is a visual and tactile delight for any serious Dylan fan. Retailing for around £100 in the UK, the Dylan box was lovingly created and produced by Jonathan M. Polk for BOXOFVISION LLC, which has already created a similar object for Beatles’ fans. With the blessing of Sony Music Entertainment, the Dylan set comes complete with a lavish “catalography,” with a stunning Jerry Schatzberg photograph on the cover. The booklet lists every Dylan album, with track lists and relevant reviews, from the pen of such critical luminaries as Robert Shelton, Michael Gray and Edna Gundersen, plus archive advertising material. Even more lavish is a hardback book, featuring vinyl size reproductions of every Dylan album, plus original liner notes and – where included – lyrics. A visual delight, from its embossed cover onwards, this book allows fans to read – for the first time – Dylan’s extensive notes to Biograph between hard covers. And there is a sense of retrieving a piece of rock history by seeing the Dylan album sleeves as they originally appeared. (So the Blood on the Tracks album reproduction comes complete with Pete Hamill’s sleeve notes – later omitted – which were based on the original pressing, featuring alternative lyrics, before Dylan re-recorded some of the tracks.) Stretching from Bob Dylan to Christmas In The Heart, this beautiful book is almost worth the admission price alone. Next up is the CD container case, with plastic pouches for every official Dylan album, plus holder spaces for future releases. The Dylan – Box of Vision is a luxury in these hard times, but the tender loving care behind its production is a sheer delight. Creater Jonathan M. Polk should feel proud. For more details, visit


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