March 22, 2011



Elegant table-top collection, following up the worldwide success of THE BEATLES Box Of Vision, will be available in time for Father’s Day

The BOB DYLAN Archive, from Box Of Vision®, is now available for pre-order at The limited edition first printing, will be available for delivery in April, and will be available at select retailers by May 10. The officially licensed BOB DYLAN Archive is a table-top case and collection built for the storage and display of the musician’s entire chronological CD catalog including his studio, greatest hits and original live albums. Beautifully packaged in a luxurious, linen-covered Showcase Box, the richly- designed Storage Book is rounded out by a stunning 220 page LP Artwork Book and Catalography, a unique discography with historical reviews and classic album ads that span Dylan’s complete career.


Storage Book – A unique book that gives fans the ability to store and organize their existing Bob Dylan CD catalog and memorabilia. It is designed specifically to hold all 43 of Dylan’s official chronological CD albums, has additional room to store Biograph and later retrospective hits and compilations, and is expandable to store even more. The cover has a unique, black on black silhouette of a classic portrait photo of Bob Dylan by photographer Jerry Schatzberg.

LP Artwork Book – The most comprehensive collection of iconic Bob Dylan LP artwork ever available, in a 220 page, oversized, hardcover book. All of the brilliantly restored artwork starting with the first album,1962’s Bob Dylan, through 2009’s Christmas in the Heart, has been set up in chronological order as if you’re holding the entire collection of LPs on your lap. This stunning volume of iconic artwork alone makes this collection indispensible.

Catalography – A brand new, unique discography includes excerpts from over 90 historical reviews and 27 classic advertisements that span Bob Dylan’s entire career. The larger than LP sized, soft cover book, is a unique 54 page journey through Bob Dylan’s entire album catalog.

Showcase Box – Covered in a rugged yet soft, natural linen, the elegant case has Bob Dylan’s name and logo debossed in thick black, matte foil, into the linen on the spines and back of the case, and an eye catching new print of a classic Bob Dylan photo is tipped into the cover. The case opens and closes with a magnetic door that reveals a continuous span of reproduced, original size Bob Dylan LP spines simulated across the three books inside.

The BOB DYLAN Archive was conceived by Jonathan Polk, of “There is no body of recorded work more deserving of an elegant way to store and display than Bob Dylan’s peerless album catalog,” said Polk, a music industry veteran with more than 20 years experience. “This is not a catalog to simply store on a hard drive or in a cloud. The BOB DYLAN Archive is designed to allow fans to keep all of the iconic LP size artwork, and 50 years of unparalleled recordings, at their fingertips and on prominent, reverent display.” Ideal for fans, collectors and gift giving, the set is the perfect tribute to the musician Rolling Stone calls “the most influential American musician rock & roll has ever produced.”

The retail list price for this indispensible compilation is $130 (U.S.).


For further information, photos and a “virtual tour” of the BOB DYLAN Archive, please visit:

Press Contacts:
Kristen Foster & Janet Ringwood
T: 212-582-1111

Kerri Brusca & Jenna Rosen
Razor & Tie Media Relations
T: 212-598-2293


Box Of Vision® creates elegant table top collections for storing and displaying the bodies of work of great recording artists, such as 2009’s THE BEATLES Box Of Vision, 2010’s JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision, and 2011’s BOB DYLAN Archive.

Each collection is an officially licensed set of three books stored inside an elegant showcase:
an LP size coffee table book of all of the artist’s original LP artwork, digitally restored and reprinted as art prints, and arranged as if the entire collection of LPs is in one’s lap; a new LP sized discography, with photos and text presenting the chronology of the artists career in historical context; and a unique book that allows the fan to store and organize their existing collection of the artist’s CD’s and display them in a context that encourages them to fill in the missing pieces of their collections. These sophisticated collections, aimed at baby boomer fans (and their children) takes their music collection “out of the dorm room and into the living room.”

Coming soon: companion pieces to store vinyl LPs, flash drive media, and other artist-related memorabilia (such as ticket stubs, tour laminates and tour programs) to enable the fan to store their entire collections of music and related keepsakes in a single, elegant storage solution.



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4 responses to “BOB DYLAN Archive from Box Of Vision: NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER!

  1. Jordan

    I’m certainly not complaining, but even though it says “The limited edition first printing will be available for delivery in April”, I’ve already received an email from saying my Bob Dylan Archive was shipped on 3/22/2011. That’s pretty impressive service! I was expecting a long wait, but now I’m looking forward to one outstanding weekend.

    • Sorry Jordan– its a mistake. they will begin to ship in April….

      • Jordan

        That’s a real bummer. I even have a Fedex tracking number for the shipment – how could they make a mistake like that?

      • the hand that takes orders and that hand that ships them were not yet coordinated. when the order is taken it instantly gets a label with a tracking number, but then the other hand hits it and says, we dont have the box to send yet. SORRY to bum you out, but it will only be a couple of weeks wait…and worth it! thanks again Jordan, and sorry.

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