Bob Dylan Archive (from Box Of Vision) Photo of Catalography cover

Here is a photo of the Catalography cover. Photo of course by Jerry Schatzberg, from the Blonde On Blonde sessions. This is reproduced from Jerry’s archive.
Click on the photo to see it larger. This is not fully high rez (it is of course a photo of the photo). When you see it in person (larger than LP size) it will wow you.

I will be releasing a little contest in the next week or two: to test your knowledge of what some famous critics thought of various Bob Dylan albums when they were originally released. The contest is based on content that is included in the Catalography discography book, that is part of the BOB DYLAN Archive.
It will be about ten or so multiple choice questions, and if you are one of the first to answer all of them correctly, you will receive a free copy of the BOB DYLAN Archive, shipped out to you on the first day it is available.

If you want to make sure you receive notice of the Quiz as soon as it goes up, please sign up on the Box Of Vision/Bob Dylan mailing list….


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