As with THE BEATLES Box Of Vision, the centerpiece of the BOB DYLAN Archive is the hardcover LP Artwork Book. To anyone unfamiliar with the Beatles BoV, the LP Artwork Book is set up, in chronological order, as if you are holding the entire collection of LPs on your lap. Beginning with the very first album, Bob Dylan, through 2009’s Christmas In The Heart, the presentation begins with the front cover of the album backed with the back cover as you turn the page– or where there was a gatefold or other insert in between, that comes between the covers in it’s proper place. It also includes the complete Biograph artwork and full, LP booklet.

All of the artwork has been restored– using state of the art technology to clean up, color-correct, bring photos back into “register” where necessary, and print them the way they likely would have been printed had today’s technology existed at the time they were originally released.

And, like the Beatles, of course, there was a good amount of iconic LP artwork that itself makes the BOB DYLAN Archive LP Artwork Book indispensible. Two hundred twelve pages of LP-sized Bob Dylan album artwork, collected together for the very first time. It was most satisfying seeing the 1960’s album covers come back to their original glory, but I have to say that my own appreciation for so much of the artwork from the 70’s forward has grown tremendously (seeing all of the later artwork in LP size is a very different experience). I believe that any true Dylan fan, working their way through the complete LP Artwork Book, will feel that the level of experience does not let up.

There were some fun layout choices we got to make, such as including the Blonde On Blonde cover in both closed upright and open fold-out presentation, and The Basement Tapes cover in both closed and open fold-out presentation– the same way you would view and appreciate them as LPs.)

I’ll point out some of things I discovered and found interesting in different album cover artwork soon…

* * *

We are almost finished with the promotional photos. They look great, and I hope to post very soon. We are also close to finishing the promotional video. That should be ready to go in about two weeks….

Sign up for our Bob Dylan email list at and we will send you the pre-order information and offer as soon as its ready (about four weeks from now, i hope).


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  1. This sounds great on the pre order list. Can’t wait.

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