Come See the Box of Vinyl/etc. and The BOB DYLAN Archive, in Sherman Oaks, CA this Tuesday (Jan.18)

I am going to attend Danny Benair’s Record Club at Freak Beat Records in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday (January 18) at 730 PM. I will be bringing along the latest and greatest prototype of the Box of Vinyl/etc. (see below for a more detailed explanation) and The BOB DYLAN Archive. So anyone interested in seeing either or both, I would love to show you them in person. Click the link above for more details…..

The Box of Vinyl/etc. is a unique case for storing and displaying your LP collections. I have been working on this now for over a year, and I am finally ready to show it off. I will soon be posting some photos, details, and even a demo video to show how it works. But before I show it off online, I want to make sure I incorporate any great ideas i may have missed. Because the Danny Benair Record Club is a get together of vinyl lovers, at one of the last great record stores left, I thought it would be a great place to get some final input before I go into production.

To those of you who have been asking about a companion box for storing your Beatles CDs that don’t fit into THE BEATLES Box Of Vision, or your new Apple Box Set, please note that that is what the “etc.” is all about. With a couple of twists, turns and a “voila,” the mild mannered Box of Vinyl transforms into a companion storage and display case for all of those CDs….maybe it sounds crazy, but it works, its cool, and I cant wait to show it off….


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