BOB DYLAN Archive….from Box Of Vision….now, finally, officially: on its way

This one begins with the launch of the latest Box of Vision collection: The BOB DYLAN Archive.

When the idea for the Box Of Vision was first conceived, two artists immediately came to mind: The Beatles and Bob Dylan.
Both, artists with peerless album catalogs, most deserving of an elegant way to store, organize, and display them…
and, both with enough iconic artwork to give an LP sized book of restored album art the “wow” factor that immediately gives rise to the question “how could this have never existed before?”

The Beatles were a simpler catalog to conceptualize and execute this way. Although there were the US (studio) albums in addition to the UK albums, and there were all those compilations, the “official” album catalog –made up of the basic original UK albums– was well enough defined as a focal point.
When our timing ultimately coincided with the long awaited release of the re-mastered official catalog on CD, the pieces came together nicely.

Bob Dylan’s catalog presented its own threshold challenges, of course.
First, there was the sheer volume of studio albums, then the “Bootleg Series”, and then the real bootlegs (treasured and essential to so many fans).
I was never discouraged by the fact that doing this the right way would undoubtedly require a main volume that weighed close to 15 lbs– before a single CD was added. Or, even by the fact that there would need to be more than a single volume involved (to cover even just the official catalog).
The only real challenge to me was to make sure that the quality of the product, the way it looked and felt, lived up to the subject matter.
It had to feel that way the first time you opened up the big box, unwrapped it and held it in your hands.
And it had to hold up over time so that it could truly exist as the “heirloom” that was originally envisioned.

We succeeded…and over the next few weeks I will begin to share the details, leading into the relaunch of the website to really show off how beautiful this project is.

I dont mean to tease this….just really want to do it right….please bear with me and photos, videos and details about the project and a special pre-order offer are on the way.

In the meantime, to get all the ordering info immediately when available, please visit and sign up on the email list…



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4 responses to “BOB DYLAN Archive….from Box Of Vision….now, finally, officially: on its way

  1. WOW-
    I’m so excited about this.
    I love the concept- I hadn’t seen the Beatles or the Lennon one before.
    Congratulations on such a fantastic concept- You’re rightthe whole idea is definitely a duh- “why hasn’t this been done before?”

    I guess I better start saving my pennies -though I’d love to have the others- this one is a must have!

    You might already have it in mind- but might I suggest a Hendrix one as well? That would be a gift I could get my brother- always a pain in the butt to get things for. Would it be too small a project I wonder?

  2. chris mayne

    So when we going to get the david bowie boxset 😉

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