Customer Reviews……make my holidays happy ones

I look at customer reviews and take them seriously. I am very proud that ours are always in the very very high 4s, almost perfect. (some people rate you 4 out of 5, and then comment “great.” Must be Russian judges…). So today I noticed we had someone rate us with a “2”! (Jose–you know who you are!) his comment was that the outer white shipping carton of his Beatles Box was damaged, and was frustrated that this was a Christmas gift he would have to give in a damaged box. So, I just got back from UPS myself and he will have his white box to replace the damaged one long before Christmas.

More importantly, i thought i would share our recent comments below….because I am real proud of them. (There are a couple of repeats in the middle, so forgive my ineptitude in creating and editing screen shots off my computer). I realize how nervous people can get ordering a product online– ive been burned myself (i just absorbed buying a defective baby monitor that i just have not had the energy to return….i’ll run to UPS to make a customer happy, but im too lazy to pack up and return my own defective purchases! once again the cobbler’s kids go shoeless!)

SO here you go….satisfied customers…makes me feel great. I think i’m gonna return that baby monitor right now.



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2 responses to “Customer Reviews……make my holidays happy ones

  1. Steve P in La Madison, Wis.

    Where are the customer ratings entered? I’d like to leave my own.

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