SPECIAL OFFER: BEATLES Box Set Plus Box Of Vision: $250 total for both! And pay in three payments.

The response to our recent offer of the John Lennon Box Of Vision + John Lennon Signature Box Set was nothing short of phenomenal.
So much so that we ran out and it delayed a few deliveries– which i truly apologize for….we werent prepared for the stampede and wanted to fill as many orders as we could– happily we ultimately could. We have ordered more Signature Sets – so you can still order if you hesitated or forgot. (US customers only….sorry to everyone outside the US.)

I have been wanting to do a similar thing with the Beatles Box Set for a year now.
Finally…I can.

I have a limited quantity of the 2009 Stereo Box set that I can offer as part of a package with the Beatles Box Of Vision, for a combined price of $250.
Really – you only pay the basic shipping for the Box of Vision ($13.25) and MusicSpace will cover the additional cost of shipping the Box Set.
And you can choose to pay in three installments, at no additional cost.

And YES – it’s the authentic thing(!) The original box set from Capitol Records, including the DVD with all of the mini documentaries.

If you have been waiting to buy either or both of the Box Set or Box of Vision– for yourself or as a gift– now is the time! (Again, sorry, but U.S. Customers only).
And again– you can choose to pay in three installments (at no additional cost). Do it now because, again, I don’t know how many i will be able to get at this price.

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