love, yoko 2040

We received notes for each time capsule from Yoko today. They are sealed with ‘love, yoko 2040.” Two will go in each JOHN LENNON time capsule.
A full slideshow of the time capsule contents will be posted next week, following the ceremony on Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Anyone in the Cleveland area, please come out for the ceremony this Friday morning. The Hall of Fame has Lennon activities all weekend, they will be showing their collection of John Lennon related items as well as Johns induction ceremony (by Paul), among other things. Its a great place to spend the 9th (and 8th and 10th). John Lennon Box of Vision will be on the display with the Time Capsule once the capsule is sealed Friday morning…



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  1. Looking forward to it. I never thought I’d be so excited about going to Cleveland!

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