The Lennon’s are here! Box of Vision’s are in stock and ready to ship

At the last minute they finally arrived in our warehouse. We should have had them a week ago, and they would have been in your hands, but there was a “wild cat” strike by dock workers at the Port in NYC where the product came in, and they had me stressed and on the edge of my seat that we would miss the outside ship out date as promised.

If you pre-ordered they should be on their way momentarily. Please let me know what you think. Word of mouth is so important, and consumer reviews so important. I know you are going to love it, so please share your reactions and feedback as soon as you can.
If you have not pre-ordered– order now so you can get it this week!




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16 responses to “The Lennon’s are here! Box of Vision’s are in stock and ready to ship

  1. I can say now that I’ve actually seen the Lennon BoV “up close and personal”, that it looks better than I even imagined. It’s a class-act all the way, which is the only legacy you can give John. There’s not a thing about it I would change. Great job!

  2. Korey Richards

    when will theese ship I preordered mine a mounth ago and all it says is order received and with a 4-6 day shipping time once they actualy ship it how will I get it this week ?

    • They are shipping today and tomorrow. you should have within days (if you live in US).

      • Korey Richards

        hey Jon might want to talk to music space I am not getting mine until the middle or later part of next week and i live in Arkanas and I pre-ordered on 9-10-10.
        I know it will be worth the wait just dont want all your pepole upset when it dosn’t get here this week like you said 🙂

      • You just received an automated conservative email…i think/hope. they ship from the midwest, so unless you are in Hawaii or Key West, you should get it in days…

      • Korey Richards

        Jon, I don’t think you understand, Music Space told me when I called that I would not be receiving my box until the middle of next week. I’m not upset, and like I said it will be well worth the wait. I just wanted to let you know what the phone reps are telling customers (or at least this customer) – which might be different than what they have told you. Peace and Love – Korey

  3. Geert

    ah – but what if you live in the UK? 🙂

  4. chris` m m`ayne

    box came this morning. i am in awe. one of the best things i own and nothing can prepare you for how good it is. very welldone

    • Thanks! thats great to hear…appreciate it!

    • Korey Richards

      Just recevied my JL BOV today it is stunning I really like the style and extra effort in the designs ofthe box i.e john lyrics on the catolog book was a really nice touch , my only complaint is that the velcro buttons are black when they should have been white also is anyone else haveing issues with cd storage I took mine in to my local record shop to show it off and whin I took out the cd album like 9 cds fell out ? p.s. i think I talked him into ordering a couple to ell durning the holidays . and john could you tell me how limited the numbered ones are mine just says 0227 but not out of how many 🙂

      • There were only 7250 manufactured worldwide, so you have number 227 of 7250.
        If you place the Velcro dots on the open outer corner of the cd box it should hold them in place no matter what you do.
        If you prefer you can pick up white Velcro dots at a hardware store. Was ultimately a toss up- on some pages, and depending how you stored the CDs, black looked better and on some white looked better. They are easily replaceable and not expensive.

        Thanks again, glad you like it.

      • Korey

        Thanks For the info John and I see your point on color choices and after spending a little time with the (White $6 at walmart) velcro buttons my cd’s are snug as a bug in a rug . Therefore, I guess my only complaint was user error lol. Now get to work on Paul’s to go along with his remasters that start in November 🙂 ,and again simply amazing work on this. It is nice to see as the world is forced into the music download age (where connivance is chosen over Quality that you people are putting out such amazing items for archival cd storage

  5. Geert

    I’m sitting next to my letterbox 🙂
    waiting – love the anticipation!!

  6. Korey Richards

    as am I keep wating for the email that said it has shipped but I know it will be so worth the wait 🙂

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