Dylan Fans– or any fan of great songwriting– Michael Gray is doing it again


A while back, I wrote about the weekend experiences that writer/critic Michael Gray offers occasionally at his home in Southwest France.
(see https://boxofvision.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/bob-dylan-and-michael-gray/)

I like to share this info because this is something I would love to do one of these days (when I don’t have a newborn in the house).

He is doing it again on weekends this November. I can’t be there, but perhaps, you can.

To those of you not familiar with him, Michael is a legitimately credentialed “Dylan expert” among other things. He wrote the Bob Dylan Encyclopedia (and writes a blog of the same name), and some remarkably prescient reviews of Bob Dylan albums over the years. (I was able to really appreciate this while researching and compiling our upcoming Box Of Vision/Bob Dylan collection).

On these weekends, Gray opens up his home in the rural Southwest of France (45 miles from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border), as a B&B&B (Bed, Breakfast and Bob, that is. Sorry-thats my description, not his.) A maximum of 6 guests a weekend get to wine and dine, and talk Dylan.
The evening Dylan discussions, led by Michael, are augmented with good local wine and Dylan tracks from Michael’s own collection, after meals created by his wife, the food writer Sarah Beattie.

Guests choose the topics, from choices such as Dylan & the Blues, Dylan & Rock’n’Roll, Dylan’s Use of the Bible, Dylan, Plagiarism & Bootlegs, Dylan & Literary Culture, Dylan In Concert, Dylan On Film, and Dylan & the Beats.

It costs £399 sterling (around US$630 or 460 euros) per person, or £599 (US$950, 690 euros) per room-sharing couple, for 2 nights’ bed and breakfast plus two Dylan discussion evenings and two three-course evening meals with wine and coffee.

Go to http://bobdylanwinterlude.blogspot.com for further details.

Author and BBB Host, Michael Gray

If you go, please report back. Id live to hear about it…



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