SPECIAL OFFER: JOHN LENNON Box of Vision plus JOHN LENNON Signature Box: For a great price and terms…

So, finally, I was able to come up with a special offer through Musicspace.com:

The JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision PLUS the JOHN LENNON Signature Box Set for a combined price of $275 plus shipping (for the Box of Vision only– they will cover the shipping for adding on the Signature Box).

Also, if you choose “Installment  Pay” from the shopping cart, you can choose to pay in three installments, at no additional cost.  Click Here for all the details

I pulled this together because the Signature Box Set and the Box of Vision are true companion products. Once you see them both together you will fully get this. (I will post a video in the next day or two so you can how nicely the Signature Set pieces store inside the BoV.) I know the biggest John Lennon fans will want to buy both, so I wanted to offer the combination at the best price and on the best terms I could. (In this economy $275 is a hefty price tag– so I hope the three payment options makes it workable for as many of you as possible).

More to come….




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6 responses to “SPECIAL OFFER: JOHN LENNON Box of Vision plus JOHN LENNON Signature Box: For a great price and terms…

  1. Tony Plachy

    Jon, What about those of us who already have pre-ordered the JL BoV through musicspace.com? There does not seem to be a way to add the Signature Set to our already existing order, or did I miss how to do that? Do we have to cancel the first order and reorder both? Thanks for bringing all this good stuff to us.

    • Hi Tony– I am working on this….I will let you know when I have an answer. You can of course cancel and reenter, but that is a hassle. Thee was supposed to be a simpler way to do this— give me till Monday morning and I will get an answer to you directly.

  2. Sheena

    Jon, I would also like to add the Signature Set to my existing BOV order, and I’m not sure how this will affect the 10% off of the JL BOV that I am supposed to receive from the contest you had back in July. I don’t mind cancelling my existing order & reordering, but I don’t want to mess up the 10% off (which hasn’t been figured in yet to my current order). I’m not sure if this message makes sense, so let me know if I need to clarify.

    Thanks for making the 3 payment offer available! This is a nice way to offer the set for those of us concerned about the total set being cost prohibitive. -Sheena

  3. awesome, thanks so much for your efforts in making the JL BOV available for the masses 🙂

    I know the deadline’s coming up to submit a video for the John Lennon time capsule, and I uploaded mine a few weeks ago. but I was wondering if I was supposed to see a confirmation page after uploading the video. I hope it submitted it successfully…

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