The Quiet is About to end….

Well…the relative quiet has already ended for me. I just had a baby (this past Sunday.) Was expecting it to happen closer to John Lennon’s birthday, and instead it happened on Brian Epstein’s and Daniel Lanois’ birthday….

The sudden change in plans has slowed me down a bit– I have been working on some videos to post, showing how to store your new John Lennon CDs in the JL BoV (I got a hold of some, so I can now show it with the real thing– including how to store the book and booklet from the Signature Box, if you so desire.) I will finish and post these over the next few days…hopefully. I will have some Beatles news shortly, and will explain what is going on with our upcoming Dylan collection.

And in honor of my new bundle, I will be announcing a special “bundled’ offer…so, please check back here tomorrow afternoon…



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7 responses to “The Quiet is About to end….

  1. This is absolutely fabulous news! Congrats to the both of you. Yet another journey begins. Many, many blessings always xoxo

  2. Geert


  3. Peter

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the new “addition” to the family. Best wishes & continued prosperity!

  4. Bruce H. Towell

    Hey Jon, you’ve been blessed! Congradulations! Here’s hoping a new generation of Beatles music fan’s continue as well!:-)

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