First John Lennon Box of Visions arrive: First “Mistake”…But a good one!

The first two John Lennon Box of Visions (my early display copies) arrived this past Friday… just in time for me to display them at the Fest For Beatles Fans. I thought I should point out one “mistake” that will be in your Box when you get in early October. Luckily, its a good thing. Actually not so much a mistake as something I changed for the better at the last minute, too late to change the printing in the Box. Bear with me here, as it will take a few pictures and explanation to get to the point…..

Inside each BoV is a packet that contains 32 disc “protectors” and 4 recordable discs.
The disc protectors are paper “coasters” that you can use to protect your CDs as you slip them in and out of the CD storage pages. To add a little John Lennon style to these coasters, they will all contain “Listen to This” art…..

The back side of the first coaster has text explaining what the discs are. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, the discs are recordable discs– two recordable DVDs and two recordable CDs. However, the text on the coaster says that only one of the discs is a DVD and three are CDs. Originally this was the plan….that was until i received print samples of the discs.

One of the original CD discs was to include a new reproduction of the John and Yoko “transitioning” photos– where John becomes Yoko and Yoko becomes John….originally the artwork for the “Happy Christmas” single, and later used on some editions of the “Some Time In New York City/Live Jam” CDs.

When I got the sample of the printing however i was not happy with how the images came out. Although they were a lot more detailed and better images on a sharper black background than on my “Some Time In New York City/Live Jam” CDs (which are the Japanese versions, known for their good artwork), they were still not as nice as the “proofs” i had given to the CD printer to start with. When i questioned this I was told that recordable CDs (for some reason i still do not understand) can not be printed with higher quality “offset” printing, but instead must be “silk screened.” If however I wanted these discs to be recordable DVDs they could use offset printing. So the change was made, and the disc you will receive will not only have much more detailed artwork (their faces look like actual photos as opposed to drawings), they will now be on a recordable DVD instead of a recordable CD.

The disc in the upper right corner is the CD disc with silk screened art. The disc at the bottom is the offset printed DVD disc. While the CD disc has richer black background (a benefit of silk screening) the DVD disc has real, beautiful detail in the photos.

Oh and yes, the other DVD is a reproduction of the wedding cake from Wedding Album. This time as a piece of birthday cake– in honor of John’s 70th birthday. Looks good enough to eat.

And continuing on the birthday theme….here is a link to my favorite video of the week uploaded for the John Lennon Time Capsule… its by a bunch of kids in Russia (I think…if anyone can identify the language in the beginning, please let me know…



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2 responses to “First John Lennon Box of Visions arrive: First “Mistake”…But a good one!

  1. The discs look incredible! I love the detail on that DVD, it’s very crisp. Oh, and yes, it’s definitely Russian ;^)

  2. I love that you’re putting so much effort into bringing us such a great product. Thanks, and I can’t wait to see the Box of Vision!

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