A Sneak Peek at the Bob Dylan Collection (from Box of Vision………..NOT THE MONO BOX SET)



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7 responses to “A Sneak Peek at the Bob Dylan Collection (from Box of Vision………..NOT THE MONO BOX SET)

  1. mitch from brooklyn

    another money making venture by columbia. how bout breaking out the vaults like the grateful dead and making available great, great live music recorded over the past 40 years? how long, baby, how long?

  2. Greg

    The “Vaults” have been opened – they are called “The Bootleg Series” and we are up to Vol 9.

  3. I only hope that Bootleg series will concentrate more on live stuff in the future. 78-81 stuff, american leg of 78 tour, ’88 and ’95 shows and l0ts of other stuff that is brilliant.

  4. pinocchio

    Hi Jon,
    I am wondering if the Dylan box will be scaled to actual LP size so it fits alongside/inside a collection of actual vinyl. This was one thing about my Beatles BoV that was disappointing even though in that case I think it was the digipaks that made it impossible to be the correct size.

    • Hi Andrew:

      The Dylan Box, and the Lennon Box, will both have much larger elements than the Beatles Box. The LP artwork will be LP size, inside a book that now has to be oversized to accommodate it. And of course, that means the box had to bigger.
      I kept the Beatles element a little smaller because I thought it was important to keep the outside box within LP size so it could stand on a shelf alongside vinyl.
      As I will be writing about in the next few weeks, I am working on a vinyl storage box for Beatles vinyl that will work really nicely next to the Beatles BoV. It has been a long and tortured road, but i am close to revealing how that will work…

  5. Charlotte

    Hi Jon, sounds exiting! Will the Dylan box also have all the original liner notes?

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