JOHN LENNON TIME CAPSULE Announcement– at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

July 29, 2010


In Honor of John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Will Seal Time Capsule Not To Be Opened Until 2040

Official Body of Work, Along With Fan Contributions Submitted Via Website To Be Included

In honor of John Lennon’s 70th birthday on Saturday, October 9, 2010, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and BoxofVision LLC will create three authorized time capsules of John Lennon’s post-Beatles recordings and fan contributions submitted via, to carry his legacy of peace and love to future generations.

With the cooperation of Yoko Ono Lennon, the time capsules will be preserved and stored until they are opened in a ceremonial presentation on October 9, 2040. They will be stored at the Rock Hall and two additional world locations that have significance to John Lennon’s legacy.

The Rock Hall will host a time capsule dedication ceremony at the Museum on Friday, October 8 at 10:30 a.m. The Museum will continue to celebrate Lennon’s legacy with a weekend of special programs built around John Lennon’s personal items in the Museum’s exhibits including in-depth curator discussions, screenings of Lennon-related Induction content and films and other special events.

“I am delighted to support this effort to help share John’s music and messages of peace and love with the children of today and tomorrow. I know that John’s work, life and dreams will help inspire them to bring a better world for everyone. Children Power!” says Mrs. Ono Lennon.

The general public is invited to submit birthday wishes, commentary, musical performances and personal thoughts on John Lennon’s legacy at Fans can share thoughts beginning today through September 15, 2010. Fans who visit the website can

also make recommendations about what the time capsules should include to best preserve the Lennon legacy over the next 30 years.

Along with fan contributions the capsules will include John Lennon’s post- Beatles recordings, newly restored art prints of his LP artwork, a newly

commissioned essay on his career and other related items.

THE JOHN LENNON TIME CAPSULE PROJECT is being overseen by Jonathan Polk, of BoxofVision LLC, who last year created THE BEATLES Box of Vision.

“John Lennon’s body of work IS our time capsule,” says Polk. “It embodies the ideals that once fueled our absolute belief we could change the world…then led to cynical backlash… but now represent how we wish to be remembered.  “The John Lennon Time Capsule is a gift to our children and grandchildren. It is  an effort to pass on those messages of peace and love and personal responsibility; to help ensure that John’s beautiful body of work, what he stood for and how he inspired us, will shine on.”

“John Lennon was one of the most influential figures in rock and roll history, not only in terms of his body of work, but also because of how he used his art and visibility to help make a difference in the world,” said Jim Henke, Chief Curator at  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.



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2 responses to “JOHN LENNON TIME CAPSULE Announcement– at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

  1. Sheena

    Tears in my eyes….the words resonate with me despite the fact that I was born 3 years after the summer of love.

    John Lennon was a deeply wounded man whose music transcended his personal failings. His ability to simplify the most complex subjects and describe innermost feelings cause many to think of John as a friend who was taken away far too soon, ripping away the idealism that gave hope for love and peace. Shine on John.

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