JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision Video… and contest

Here is the full display video…. if you can identify the artwork mistake, email me a

The first 25 people who correctly identify the mistake will receive 10% off of the online pre-order price.

One hint: the mistake is not the fact that the LP book opens with the back of the Life With the Lions album cover (that was intentional, though not done as elegantly as I would have preferred– was trying to avoid misunderstandings about the Two Virgins cover– as all you could have seen in the video would have been the paper bag version).



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3 responses to “JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision Video… and contest

  1. Paul Boyd

    I cannot figure out the mistake, but are the CDs that are shown the forthcoming remasters? They look quite different than any Lennon CD’s I have. This looks like a tremendous box. Well done.

  2. wildblueberries

    Can the mistake be in the CD storage book? The chronology is out of whack: Walls and Bridges (1974) appears before Mind Games (1973). Rock and Roll appears after Shaved Fish even though Shaved Fish was issued months after R&R, and Menlove Ave. appears before Live in New York City but Menlove Ave. was issued years after LINYC. This is astounding given the care shown going into the Lennon BOV so far…

    • YES you are correct– but the mistake is not in the JL BoV. when we created the video the images of the pages got “inversed”…they are not actually out of order, they are completely reversed. Email me at and I will take care of your discount. You are the final winner…Contest closed now!

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