Storing CDs in the JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision

I’ve received a number of emails and comments asking about which CDs the JL Box will store, and how it will work. So…now seems as good a time as any to explain.

First: the Box is built to store up to 32 CD albums. But its also now expandable (more on that in a minute) with room to easily add pages to store at least another 16 CDs. The storage pockets are now larger than in the Beatles box, and if you choose you could actually store more than one CD in an individual slot (more on that when you have the Box in front of you, as it requires a little explanation– not essential info right now).

When you open up the Box there will be designated spots for 17 different albums (over 18 spaces– Some Time in New York City has two spots, one for each disc. Again, both discs can be stored in a single spot– especially if you buy the new remastered version…but again/again, more on that later).

The 18 CDs with designated spots are:

Page one *(see * below): Two Virgins, Life With The Lions, Wedding Album, Live Peace In Toronto

Page two: POB, Imagine, Some Time in NYC (2 spaces)

Page three: Mind Games, Walls & Bridges, Rock & Roll & Shaved Fish.

Page four: Double Fantasy, Milk and Honey,  Menlove Avenue, Live in New York City

Page five: Lennon Legend and Acoustic.

There will then be 14 extra “undesignated” spots (though nice Lennon self portrait “wallpaper” backgrounds) for you to add and store any of the compilations you own, any of the box sets (including the new one), or create your own compilations (have I mentioned the Box will come with three Lennon art-adorned recordable CDs and one recordable DVD?)

* But please also note the following:

As with the Beatles BoV, the artwork that designates which CDs are stored where is printed on insert sheets. These sheets are moveable–you can rearrange the order of them. Moreover, sheet one through four above are two sided– on the reverse of each page is the Lennon “wallpaper” design (John self portrait drawings), but without specific CD/album designations. SO… if you do not collect or want to store Two Virgins, Life With Lions, etc, you can remove that page, flip it over, rearrange the order of the other pages to start with POB (or however else you would prefer to organize it).

Finally (for now): the CD binder is now easily expandable. The pages are held in by easily (no tools needed) removable screw-in pegs (they look very industrial and elegant). You can add additional pages (I hope to shortly make additional pages available, but it can also take standard size CD pages if you prefer the inferior general market ones!).

Does that all make sense?



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3 responses to “Storing CDs in the JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision

  1. Ryan

    So how many of these are you actually making?

  2. Thanx Jon! It will be absolutely amazing. I loved the Beatles BOV. By the way, there`s a great review of it on
    Keep up the good work!

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