“Double Exposure Fantasy”

Printing presses go through a lot of ink and a lot of paper. Huge amount of waste. Until they get the colors exactly right they have to print sheafs and sheafs of copies, and each time they run the printer it takes a number of sheets before the ink is spread just right. So each run begins with a large number of pages being printed that will need to be disposed (the “make ready sheets.”) To cut down on the waste, they use pages that have already been printed on (basically waste from earlier print runs). This leads to double printing on the same sheets. Which can lead to some random but interesting combinations of photos.  Here are a couple from the John Lennon Box of Vision print run….a real fan can quickly id the original images in how many seconds?




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2 responses to ““Double Exposure Fantasy”

  1. Jim Britton

    Thanks for all the images

  2. Less than 5 seconds! These would be collectors items to some people **cough** I’m just sayin’…

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