JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision– “Catalography” cover

I love this photo. in the foreground is the “Catalography” (what we call the discography book– the word “disc” just doesn’t seem right anymore). The cover is a bed of (John Lennon) lyrics, “blind” debossed into the cover. So no ink. Its a great texture, and I love the way it looks.

When I think of how to crystalize the ideals that underly John’s music, in addition to “honesty” and the obvious “peace and love,” there is the concept of personal responsibility…”If YOU want it.” I wanted to tie that idea to the “Time Capsule” concept (more on that coming in days): that it is our responsibility to preserve the legacy of the artists who we love and respect for future generations. Otherwise their songs and recordings, to the extent they survive, wind up nothing more than meaningless jingles and elevator/background music.
Thats a common thread running through all of these Box of Vision releases, but a little more blatant (fittingly) in the case of the John Lennon BoV.

I thought blind embossing the lyric bed would be a good way of symbolizing how easy it is for those lyrics and ideals to fade away and be forgotten….

Of course, if you just like the way nice things feel, the texture should please you as well…


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