BOB DYLAN from Box Of Vision

I am also here in China doing press checks for and watching over the manufacture of a Bob Dylan collection, as well as the John Lennon Box of Vision. For Dylan, we will use a unique name for the collection that I will disclose soon. (it will not be called a Box of Vision, though it will be by Box of Vision. No deep reason for this– just seemed to make sense).

Bob Dylan has released so many albums that the volume of artwork alone is impressive. The LP artwork book will be around 230 pages– significantly bigger than The Beatles Box of Vision book. It includes everything other than the “Bootleg Series” which deserves its own book (and will get one!) Spent a lot of time getting the artwork right– felt the pressure and responsibility of reproducing so many iconic covers. Also, a lot of great LP artwork for the later records that most people have only seen on CD. Feeling really good about the results now as I see them coming off the presses. I’m as excited waiting to hear reactions from the hardcore Dylan fans as I was when I was manufacturing the Beatles book.

The Catalography will also be much bigger– over 50 pages. I will talk about some of the special content soon. A lot of fun things to talk about here.

Just like with Lennon, all of the different books will have unique cover elements too. With Lennon, we went for different textures on the very stark white looking covers. For Dylan a couple of really great photos and photo treatments.. Pictures coming very soon



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3 responses to “BOB DYLAN from Box Of Vision

  1. Nick McMahon

    Hi Jon
    Enjoyed the beatles bov that hopefully generated some extra sales from Australia for you. The Dylan bov looks like a winner and my Los Angeles mate mike Chaney has promised to send one to Australia for me. Can’t wait. May consider the Lennon one also – if there is no too much Yoko (ha ha)
    Cheers from oz

  2. Paul Sheppard

    Picked up your impressive initial offering Beatles BOV @ HMV, got the improved sophomore edition Lennon BOV online upon release and have requested a pre-order notification for your much anticipated Dylan BOV”Archive”? Are you still offering “Jon POLK ” signed Lennon time capsule inventories to Lennon numbered BOV owners?

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