“Nowhere Boy”

On my flight to Hong Kong last night I was able to watch “Nowhere Boy”– the film about John’s childhood (up through meeting Paul and George, and the formative early days of The Beatles) which has not yet been released in the U.S.
I wasn’t expecting to like it (don”t know why, was just my instinct). My instinct was wrong.

It is really well made, and the casting is surprisingly great. The actor who plays John, though he really looks little like him, becomes him halfway through the film. It starts with a few camera angles where you begin to think, wow he looked like John there, and then somehow it just clicks. The actor who plays Paul, also gives a very believable performance, without going for cliche/ imitation. (George didn’t have enough screen time to really leave a strong enough impression).

I was impressed that it covers the many well known events of John’s early life (fresh in my mind after having read Jude Southerland Kessler’s Shoulda Been There not too long ago) without banging you over the head– instead of just a series of events sewn together, it uses them to tell the story effectively. Its a good film!

Its supposed to be released in the US on John’s birthday. A good way to celebrate (after you have have received your Box of Vision of course)….



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2 responses to ““Nowhere Boy”

  1. Clifford D. Wuertz

    I am glad to learn you liked it, Jon. The trailers I have seen looked good but I have maintained a level of skepticism to this point.
    My birthday is October 10th (as is my wife’s) so we are planning to go see it the weekend it opens.
    What an exciting month October is shaping up to be, with this film, the remasters and of course the Lennon BoV!

    • And Jude’s second volume. Don’ t know if you read Should Been There Cliff, but its a real fun read…. I believe volume also comes out Oct 9… By the way, my wife is due with our daughter right around then too (maybe the 9th, maybe the 10th…)

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