JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision– beginning to manufacture

Here are some new photos. I have the final prototype now and I am really happy with it. I head to China tonight and we start manufacturing on Monday. It will be a very limited edition, so i plan on being there for each one manufactured and numbered.
Will be posting from there….hoping to put out the Time Capsule announcement on Thursday…



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10 responses to “JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision– beginning to manufacture

  1. Joji

    Thanks for the update, Jon. I’m really quite excited on this new John Lennon BoV. It might be too early to ask about the price, but times are hard and I would like to be able to save for my copy. Any hints on the price range would be greatly appreciated! And how soon would the pre-ordering begin? I’m sure you’ll let us know when you’re ready. Thanks again.

    • I hope that pre-orders will start next week. (As with the Beatles, you won’t actually be charged until the Box ships to you (which will start first week in October). Working out the exact pricing right now– it will be more expensive than the Beatles one, but still reasonably priced.

      Ideally, thursday will be the day I can announce everything.

  2. Charlie

    Shame you had to make it very limited and not just like the Beatles box so that its reasonably price.

    Should make the books with the full size album art available separate later on.

    • It will still be reasonably priced. No gouging here. Will cost more than the Beatles one, because of the costs to create it, but still will be priced way below what similarly priced sets go for.

  3. mjm325

    Jon, I am also very excited about the Lennon BoV. Can you tell us if it will be available in the loaded version like the Beatles BoV? I purchased my Beatles BoV from Retoration Hardware loaded with cd’s so I didn’t have to take them from my collection. No matter, I will be ordering my box either way. Can’t wait.

    • Working on the possibility of doing a special offer bundle of the Box of Vision with EMI’s new Lennon box set (all the remixed studios plus bonus discs.) If I cant get together fro intial pre-orders, I will offer an upgrade to the bundle if I can get it together before it all ships… stay tuned!

      • Sheena

        I am also interested in the possibility of ordering the JL Box of Vision fully loaded, but I’m a little fearful of the cost. 😉

      • working on a combination bundle of the two at the most reasonable price i can work out…stay tuned

  4. Jason

    I have been inspired to go back and buy the Beatles BoV with the announcement of the Lennon one. I have a perfect place in my CD cabinet to display both.

    My question is this, about the Lennon Box: which CD’s will have a storage place in the storage system? Certainly not every single release (many of which are out of print) like the first Lennon box, etc.

    Any guidance on that would be appreciated.

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