The JOHN LENNON Time Capsule: Who wants to jump in first?

So, although this will be announced formally in a press release in another 2 weeks, we are creating an officially authorized John Lennon Time Capsule (actually more than one, but more about that later). In celebration of the 70th anniversary of John’ birth, we had this idea of creating a vehicle and event to help maintain John’s legacy. I will give a more detailed explanation when the press release comes out, but for now, i am looking for some HELP!

One of the features of the time capsules (which will be stored and displayed in some pretty high profile places….a very cool aspect i can not yet divulge) is that fans will be invited to contribute to the contents of the time capsules by uploading audiovisual clips in tribute to John. Ideally, these would be fans speaking from the heart, talking to the future generations who will unearth the capsules, about what John”s legacy means and why it is so important to preserve.

I am looking for some volunteers willing to send me some video now–to be included right away, and to be presented on our “splash” page when we open up the doors for the public to participate.

Anybody out there interested? if so, please email me at with JL TIME Capsule in the “re” and I will get in touch.

Thanks…and please HELP!



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2 responses to “The JOHN LENNON Time Capsule: Who wants to jump in first?

  1. Lucy Holder McConaghie

    I plan to download a 2 hour radio special: John Lennon: The History of a Star which I wrote, produced and copywrited in 1983. It is a musical biography originally made for radio syndication as a tribute to John Lennon. It was written from my heart and I’d like to find a place for it in The Time Capsule. I’d always hoped the time would come for me to share it.

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