JOHN LENNON Box Of Vision–set up

Thanks for all the comments (and emails). They have been reallly helpful in setting up how the John Lennon Box of Vision will be constructed.

From an artwork point of view, it will contain all of the great artwork from Wedding Album (for the first time you will able to actually look through it as if you were looking through a wedding album) and all the calendar art from Live Peace. Then all the art from every LP release (through the Imagine “soundtrack” album). Its about 165 pages of artwork. When you see it all in one place its pretty amazing…and you will see why it inspired the “Time Capsule” idea I will be talking about over the next few weeks.

The Catalography will have a lot of interesting additions. We will again have an exclusive essay and text by Bruce Spizer. But there will be some great visual content to accompany each album (so we went beyond the basic discography content of the Beatles Catalography, which was about the UK/US comparison– this one ties in with the Time Capsule theme).

The CD storage book will be built to be completely customizable and expandable. It will come with artwork inserts that begin with Two Virgins, but you will be able to re-arrange the pages if you do not collect the early experimental albums/CDs. In addition, the storage capability will initially be for 24 CDs. However, if you have a larger collection (or want to build one) I am working on making additional CD pages–which will be easy to insert–available inexpensively.

And, there will be additional exclusive items included which I will reveal shortly– it ties in again with the Time Capsule theme and should be a cool addition.

The Box itself will be oversized compared to The Beatles box (which will allow for the LP artwork to be full size, and the Catalography to be really oversized). It will be a magnetic “capsule” structure, as opposed to the Beatles “clamshell” Box, and will be striking to look at of course. I am hoping to be able to post the first pictures some time next week…

It will be a very limited edition (I want to make this about commemorating John’s 70th birthday anniversary) and each will be numbered with a unique plaque. It will cost a little more than the Beatles Box (it will cost more to manufacture, and we will be sticking to a limited manufacturing run) but when you see and feel it should be obvious that once again it will be more than worth the price.


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  1. mjm325

    I can’t wait to see the final product, it sounds great. Will there be a loaded edition? I purchased my Bov loaded at Restoration Hardware.

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