FATHER’S DAY– for Mom and Dad (and a discount code!)

One of my favorite, often repeated, comments from men who have bought The Beatles Box of Vision, is that it is one of the only pieces of Beatles ‘memorabilia’ that their wives allow them to display. More than one have told me how they feared telling their wives they spent more money on another Beatles item– but when it finally came and their wives saw it– they liked all it and all was good in the universe again.

So, if you know a father who still doesn’t have one, tell his wife or kids that the Box of Vision brings couples together!
And they can save 15% (the cost of standard shipping) if they order in the next few days…
To SAVE 15% enter Promo Code BOV01 in the shopping cart. (Make sure to click the Update Cart button.)


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2 responses to “FATHER’S DAY– for Mom and Dad (and a discount code!)

  1. Ryan

    Just got done reading your last four posts. I stopped coming to the blog after it appeared to be dead, once you launched the facbook site. I am looking forward to the release of the Lennon Box and can’t wait to see hos you cover Dylan’s library of work. There’s just so much of it. I wanted to post this to encourage you to keep putting up entries here, as there are people out here still reading them.

    • Thanks Ryan– just been very busy getting Lennon and Dylan together. I am ready to start posting more, and even talking more about the Beatles. I appreciate your comment!

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