READY TO ROLL…with the two most important songwriters of the rock era

Memorial Day, beginning of summer…but I’m gearing up for the fall. Getting ready to launch two new projects: of course the previously mentioned John Lennon Box of Vision. And anyone who has visited in the last few days would have figured out that the other is a Bob Dylan project. How many people would dispute these are the two most important songwriters of the rock era?! To be able to do a project for both of them at the same time is pretty exciting. I hope that explains why these posts were few and far between over the last few months….the work has been all consuming. But finally, the light at the end of the tunnel!

More about Dylan very shortly. For now, a little more Lennon:

I will very shortly be launching a unique project in connection with the JL BoV. A John Lennon “time capsule.” Actually, there will be a few of them: at least 3, maybe 4 or 5….to be sealed on John’s birthday this October, to be opened on what would have been his 100th birthday (in 2040). They will be stored and displayed in various locations around the world that has significance to John’s legacy. More details about this in the coming weeks, including a way that you (if you so desire) can contribute content to be included in the capsules.

As always, love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions….


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