Lennon Box progress and More….

I’ve been extremely busy getting the work done on the Lennon Box (and another major project which I hope to announce shortly).
I am really pleased with how things are progressing…the design of the Lennon Box is beautiful. I am also going to be incorporating some fan content (that I will be soliciting from you folks very soon if you want to be a part of the final piece….I hate to just tease that, but I need to get a few ducks in order before i can talk about it.) Please stay tuned, and bear with me…..this is the quiet time of year where I have to put my head down and work! Hope to emerge soon with some really good things to share….

By the way– i started a little “fan page” for the Lennon Box on Facebook….click on this underlined text for the link


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2 responses to “Lennon Box progress and More….

  1. Marc

    Hi and I cannot wait to see the Lennon box. Just reading your comments gives me comfort that you are persuing perfection. It will be beautiful!

    • mjb757

      I think you should include two virgins -live peace. After all they are John Lennon releases. I’m sure there are a lot of Lennon completists out there including me. Dude, it would be awesome.

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