LENNON Birthday

The John Lennon Box of Vision should be released in time for John’s 70th birthday. I would like to add a fan element in honor of this birthday. Am thinking of some sort of (possibly) interactive birthday card, tied to content uploaded to the web that any fan can add to. I know this may sound like a little crazy an idea (maybe a little vague….am sorting out the detail). Was wondering about your thoughts…



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11 responses to “LENNON Birthday

  1. Joji

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the JL BoV! Will there be a numbered limited edition just like the Beatles BoV? When will you start the pre-orders?

    As far as the birthday card, I don’t really have an opinion yet, I guess I have to wait and see how it’s gonna work.

  2. Remtiw

    I Don’t think he will put a number on this box. I think that was just a reference to The White album since it was released with a serial number.

    • I am actually thinking about numbering them. Either the entire release will be a limited. numbered edition, or there will be a limited commemorative birthday edition. There are still a number of moving pieces to pin down, but I do want this to be a special, collectors piece.

  3. Joji

    Just a recommendation, if ever you decide to come up with a limited edition issue of JL BoV. How about making a limited signed edition by Jon Polk? Maybe the first 1,940 (john’s birth year), or 2,010 (issue year of JL BoV), or whatever number that can be attributed to John.

  4. mjm325

    I too can’t wait to see what you will do with the JL Bo V. I think the idea of a limited/numbered commemorative edition sounds great. I would love to own a signed copy, great idea. Not sure how hard that would be for Mr. Polk to do.

  5. mjm325

    I bought my Bo V loaded from Restoration Hardware, I didn’t want to break up my remastered box sets. Will the new JL Bo V be available this way also? If so, will it be a signed / limited edition as well?

  6. ptijerm


    There has been information/reports posted on the internet in recent months about some new John Lennon CD releases that will coincide with the 70th anniversary of John’s birth – specifically expanded editions of 5 of John’s solo albums, a box set of his commercially released work, and a ‘Double Fantasy unplugged’ collection.

    Can you comment on whether the John BoV will include spaces for these new releases, in addition to the ones already released?

    Also – will the BoV include spaces for EVERY John Lennon CD released to date (including the various greatest hits compilations released over the years) – even for those limited releases or now out-of-print? Not including the proposed ‘new’ releases, this amounts to over 30 individual CDs. How will you decide what is included and what is not? For instance, will you include spaces for both the 4-disc John Lennon Anthology AND the single disc Wonsaponatime compilation?

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