Yoko “Solo”

Thank you for your various comments regarding including or not including The Yoko Ono solo albums recorded/released during John’s recording career.

In putting together these boxes I am striving to create something that is adaptable to almost any fan’s collection. With the John Lennon box, there will no doubt be storage spaces to accommodate the inclusion of the Yoko Ono “solo” CDs if that is part of your collection. In addition, I do think it is a good idea to cover these releases in some appropriate way in the accompanying “Catalography” book, to give proper context to his recording career. So, again, all of your input is appreciated and being taken to heart…..(just in time for Valentines Day….)



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6 responses to “Yoko “Solo”

  1. wildblueberries

    Mr. Polk, your consideration of referring to John’s 1970s work with Yoko somewhere in the package is welcome news. I am not necessarily suggesting you cover all his session work (Elton John, David Bowie, etc.) to the nth degree as that is a subject for another book. However, the inclusion of his collaborations with Yoko pre “Double Fantasy,” as you rightly put, it would indeed present a fuller (and, in my opinion, more accurate) historical context to his “solo” recording career. I certainly appreciate your efforts to create a high quality product intended to please many hard core enthusiasts while trying to please a wider, yet more general audience, at the same time.

  2. remtiw

    Don’t exxagerate wildblueberries. You got your wish. No need to overblow it. Notice he said “IF”. It means you don’t need to hear screaming Japanese music if you want to fill up the box.

  3. CLRS316

    First off, I am extremely excited about John Lennon’s career being the next to receive the box of vision treatment. My very first gut reaction when asked about including the first 3 experimental albums and Yoko’s solo albums (just ones that fall into the time period of collaboration with John) is to say leave them out the chronological CD space. As with some of the other posts, I think my first reaction purely comes from the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Yoko’s work or the experimental albums; not from a standpoint that it doesn’t fit.

    Upon further thought, I think something does separate the experimental albums from Yoko’s albums; something that makes the experimental albums an important piece that should be placed in the chronological CD space.

    The box of vision offers a complete companion piece for a retrospect of an artist’s career and Two Virgins, Life With The Lions and the Wedding Album are John Lennon albums as much as Sometime in New York City or Double Fantasy. These albums mark an important transition period and belong in the CD chronology. For me, not liking an album or not having many people purchase it should not be a criteria for not including it.

    I do however stick with stating that Yoko’s solo albums should not be included. For me the difference here is that John is a performer on them; they are not his projects. I wouldn’t expect Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band to have a slot in a Ringo box of vision, but Ringo did play drums on it. I also wouldn’t expect Walls and Bridges to have a CD space in Elton John’s box of vision, though the lead single is a pure collaborative effort. Basically, a line always have to be drawn somewhere, and you can’t have everything an artist touched be included, so I would go with projects where the artist in focus is a focal point (or a primary driving force behind)of the entire project.

  4. CLRS316

    I would say Two Virgins, Life with the Lions, The Wedding Album, Live Peace in Toronto 1969, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Sometime in New York City, Mind Games, Walls and Bridges, Rock ‘n Roll, Shaved Fish, Double Fantasy, Milk and Honey, Live in New York City, Menlove Ave., Imagine: John Lennon Motion Picture Soundtrack, Lennon Legend, John Lennon Anthology, Acoustic, and Working Class Hero should definitely be included in the CD chronological slots as they fit criteria established by the Beatles Box Set. I would leave out the Lennon box set as it has been removed from the catalogue and I’m not sure if The John Lennon Collection is still considered ‘active’. The U.S. vs. John Lennon Motion Picture Soundtrack probably falls into the criteria for chronological CD space as well.

  5. CLRS316

    For the box cover, I thought the cover picture of Live in New York City provided a different shot that isn’t overly used. I would also recommend ‘Imagine all the people living in peace’ as the quote; it kind of sums up his dream.

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