More Lennon….

We’ve been making great progress on restoring the artwork. As with the Beatles, if you pick up 10 different LP covers of the same LP, you may find 1o very different looks. the Imagine album is the most glaring example so far. From the overall color on the front cover (originally a double exposure Polaroid shot, taken by Yoko) to the color of the sky on the back cover, its amazing how different the printing has been over the years.

The one we are having most fun with is the Walls And Bridges cover. Rather than try to recreate the fold over panels (I think that having fold over panels in the book will just make the presentation awkward and sloppy) I prefer to print each cover variation (front and back) on a different page. If you have thoughts about that, please share. I can tell you that when you see all the different variations, printed nicely and color corrected so there is a consistency among them, it really is a beautiful and fun experience to take in.

Also, have any of you see this article “>JOURNALLIVE



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6 responses to “More Lennon….

  1. remtiw

    It will be intresing to see what this John Box will be like. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it so quickly though. I’m only halfway done with my Beatles Box. I can only get these Cds and Boxes so quickly. I understand where you’re coming from where you won’t be doing the folds. I don’t even know if that’s possible to do with paper. How would that be done anyway?

  2. remtiw

    Long Live Lennon!

  3. wildblueberries

    I hope you are considering including Yoko’s companion albums of the period (“Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band,” “Fly, etc.”). While these were not as universally well received at the time of release, bear in mind that John and Yoko were a “double act” during the Apple period and John was proud of his guitar work, etc. on them. If these are not included for commercial or whatever reasons, the result will be a box of a distorted and incomplete vision, from a historical point of view. The fact is that John only released 5 albums under his own name (6 if you count “Shaved Fish”) during his lifetime. Most of his recorded output was in collaboration or in support of Yoko. I bought the Beatles Box of Vision in both the numbered and Restoration Hardware versions, but to view John’s 1970’s LP’s without Yoko’s is like looking at only one side of the artistic coin.

    • Remtiw

      But it’s a John Lennon Box of Vision, not a Yoko Ono Box Of Vision. Get Real

      • Joji

        I agree with remtiw. However, I’m sure Jon can come up with some extra generic pages in order to accommodate additional cd’s that a J&Y fan may wish to add into their collection. But if wildblueberries is talking about John’s catalography book, it would not hurt to include some lesser known collaboration that John may have had with other artists (not limited to Yoko) – as a side note.

  4. remtiw

    Good thinking Joji! With generic pages, people can choose what to put in those slots and decide wheither or not to put in Yoko Cds or not. Personally, I wouldn’t.

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