Thanks for all your comments on future Box of Visions (and by all means, please continue to share your thoughts and wants).

On this day, when we can’t help but think about John, would love to hear your thoughts about a John Lennon solo version.

Ideas for a cover photo, any specifics about album artwork that would be particularly essential to you. Which quote really sums up what his body of work stands for…..

Something on my mind today….



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4 responses to “John

  1. Mike leiper

    Yes. Well said, Jon. It was 29 years ago today that The Music died. The world lost a great man. So…… about a BOV of ALL the post Beatles work, (John, Paul, George & Ringo solo) leading up to Double Fantasy? That would be one I would certainly buy.

  2. Joji

    I would love to see a John Lennon BoV! This I feel should include his collaborations with Yoko Ono. My suggestion is to start from the Two Virgins (might be controversial because of the cover shot and the lack of any real musical content – but it is still essentially John’s album!). The BoV cover could be the album cover from his “John Lennon Collection” CD or the “Imagine” album, or maybe even a drawing of himself. Why not, this time, include all his CD’s with the BoV so that we won’t have to buy them individually? Maybe issue an exclusive BoV CD composed of his high quality home demos (complete songs only) as a special treat for this collection – there are still a lot out there that floats around as bootlegs (“help me to help myself” is one of my favorites). This would then be a real collector’s boxed set!

  3. Joji

    As a follow up, his best quote for me is from his most loved solo song: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . .” – that line got me hooked on his music forever.

  4. Remtiw

    I agree with Joji when the John Lennon BoV should probably have the Imagine John Lennon drwing on the front. It seems more characteristic of John. Underneath all those messages of peace and love were sarcasam and humor. However, I don’t agree that Two Virgins, Life With The Lions, and Wedding Album should be included. Those aren’t really John albums as much as they are (in John’s words) “Johnandyoko” albums. Start at Live Peace In Toronto and then stretch to the Working Class Hero albums. Also, the quote should be from Working Class Hero. “If you want to be a hero well just follow me.” Much more powerful.

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