Your input…

As I begin work on a number of new projects, would love to know the artists for which you would like a Box Of Vision type product….

and very close to unveiling my companion Beatles piece (i know ive said it before but im working out the kinks… very very close)…



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  1. Michael

    I suppose the Beach Boys are an obvious group for a Box of Vision – although they have many, many albums. Could be difficult.

    • I think the Beach Boys would be a great subject. The size of the catalog does not intimidate me– instead it says to me there is even more of a need for a compelling way to organize it.

  2. pinocchio

    I’ve been thinking about this and it’s pretty tough. You need an artist that (1) put out most of their material on vinyl, (2) has retired/broken up so that their catalog is complete, and (3) had a large enough output and a big enough following today to justify a BoV for them. Who does that leave? Not even the Stones or Stevie Wonder or the Who would count. Maybe do Yardbirds-Cream-Derek and Dominoes? I’m really at a loss, but then I might just be too young to come up with better ideas. Post your question on ‘the 910’!

    • pinocchio

      pink floyd & led zep might be good options

      • To me, the core of this is a beautiful way to store and display the complete catalog (and body of work) of your favorite artists, in an accessible “place of honor” in your home.

        I don’t think the artist necessarily has to be finished recording. There can always be room built in to “add on,” as long as there is already a significant body of work. The Stones, Stevie Wonder and the Who are great examples.

        I can come up with hundreds of other ideas of suitable artists… for those who are big enough fans to want something like this.

        what I am asking really is who you would want such a product for?

  3. Robert Mercy

    to be honest i would hate to see another Box of Vision for any other Band. there needs to be a companion for the dvds that have been released.
    if the Box of Vision is to be a franchise then make it exclusive. Do the Beatles individually. i know the market may not be there for a Ringo Box of Vision, but the market for John and Paul and George would more than make Ringo’s viable.

    the trouble with a spin-off is that who really is worthy. the Stones, Beach Boys, Cream, or Hendrix. then what about the Dead, Little Feat, or even Roxy Music. of all of the these bands did any of the make as big an artistic contribution as the beatles did even as individuals. think of the albums: all things must past, imagine, McCartney, double fantasy, the traveling wilbury’s, Blast from the Past, and on and on.
    i believe if you do not continue with the individual Beatles you would alienate to many people.
    please if you want to make collections for other bands do not use the Box of Vision as a guide, make the Box of Vision unigue, please. instead use the black roll top box from Japan that was issued for the Beatles as a guide.
    as a side note, since the seventies i have been trying to make a collection for Cream. one attempt was in 1979. i took an old seventy-eight album and taped the front cover of Fresh Cream on the front and the back cover of Live Cream Vol 1 on the back. even now i search flea markets for any kind of box to hold my remastered Cream Cd’s.
    to sum up:
    1) Box of Vision for the Beatles DVD’s
    2) Box of Visions for John, Paul, George, and Ringo individually
    3) do not use the BoV as a guide for any other band. it wouldnt be fair to The Beatles and would cheapen the BoV
    thank you

  4. Mike leiper

    Well Like Pinocchio said, you might need an act/artist who’s catalog is complete because they have broken up/retired or……….. deceased! The Beach Boys STILL produce some catalog albums( and there are many of them) The Rolling Stones maybe? but theirs is huge. ABBA? …..might be a good choice. Elvis Presley? Elton John?….STILL is churning them out. Led Zeppelin?…maybe another good choice, but they are not for everyone. Simon & Garfunkel? The Bee Gees? Just some thoughts.

    • See above (my answer to Pinnochio about the artist having to be finished recording). Personally, I’d love a Simon and Garfunkel (and Paul Simon) collection like this. The Stones and Zeppelin too. An Elvis collection might actually get me to collect more of his recordings.

      Again, what I’m asking is, which artists you would personally want to store and display this way?

      • Mike leiper

        Well, Jon, I guess the ones I would like would be The Beach Boys……..and ABBA (yeah I know…..), but they would be good sellers for you too, appealing to many fans.

  5. Joe

    I’d like to see your treatment of The Beach Boys catalogue.

  6. I would definitely buy a Monkees BOV!

  7. Burto

    Simon & Garfunkel is a good one, although adding Paul Simon solo would be good (or excessive, depending on the size). Led Zep, hmm….could be good, but would I need to have the original 4 CD box, the repackaged 4 CD set. all the greatest hits CDs, Complete Studio Recordings (1993) , Definitive Collection, Mothership, etc.? I don’t like having any open gaps on my pages myself.

    Along those lines, one artist that would be great is Hendrix, even though his estate still puts out at least 1-2 CDs a year. I would defer to your judgment on which ones to include (Smash Hits, more than likely? Radio One? Live At Winterland? Voodoo Soup? Cry Of Love? Stages? Tough, very tough). Great job on the first one, looking forward to any news on the supplement, and to whatever artist(s) you decide to start fresh.

  8. hobbsy76

    There is only ONE worthy….and you already made it!

  9. My first thought of a great artist for this treatment is Elvis Costello. A while back on the Steve Hoffman forums, there was a thread going through Costello’s catalog, and members posted lots of photos of album variations, special packages, inner sleeves, single sleeves and promotional artwork that was all a visual feast. The design was generally controlled by Costello himself, so it is part of the whole of the vision for those records (at least until he went to Warner in the late 80s). I thought an art book combining all those great pieces would be neat, and the Box of Vision concept is very similar.

    Another musician who is hugely interested in the packaging for his music is Andy Partridge of XTC. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an XTC Box of Vision type product, especially if it was able to include Partridge’s notes and sketches for various album and single sleeves along with the graphics.

    • I actually keep my Elvis Costello collection in an early prototype of the Box Of Vision storage system. I collected a is singles and EPs in real time….it would be a fantastic book! Something i’d love to do.

  10. Toxodon

    Pink Floyd for me would be the perfect choice. They have a great core discography and just happen to also be a Capitol Records band. I would suggest not including any of the compilations in the storage area as this would take up far too much space. It could easily fit all 16 discs of the core Floyd catalogue (a la the “Oh, By the Way” box set). Pink Floyd’s album artwork is always a great thing to see in LP size and you could include the posters from Dark Side of the Moon.

  11. Joji

    I believe that all artists with the most enduring musical legacies should have their own BOV someday, and I agree with all the great artists mentioned above. I would like to add Michael Jackson on this list of nominees. Despite all the controversies, he definitely is one of the most influential artists of his/our time.

  12. Ryan Laski

    Jon –
    Here’s who I would like and buy:
    -Bruce Springsteen
    -The Who
    -Bob Seger
    -Led Zeppelin
    -Paul McCartney
    -John Lennon
    -Michael jackson

    Here’s who I think would be good candidates, but I (personally) may not purchase:
    -Beach Boys
    -Bob Dylan (you start that project and we may not hear from you for five years though)
    -Van Morrison
    -Rolling Stones
    -Frank Sinatra
    -Garth Brooks

  13. Ryan Laski

    I forgot one. I would definetly buy a Tom Petty BoV

  14. Ryan Laski

    Sorry to keep adding to this, but just trying to throw out my ideas. I love the idea and format of the BoV and would to see more, especially for the artists I like:

    -Otis Redding
    -Marvin Gaye
    -Stevie Wonder
    -Jimmy Hendrix
    -Billy Joel
    -Elton John (not my cup of tea, but deserving)
    -James Taylor
    -The Police
    -Jackson Browne

    You asked and I think that’s all I can come up with. Again, I would love to see more of these. My preference would be to keep them the same dimensions, except expand and contract the thickness as needed.

  15. Joji

    Ryan Laski inspired me to come up with my own personal listing. So here is my version:

    1. John Lennon (his music catalog is pretty much complete, other that those demos that are available as bootlegs). I suggest to start from the Two Virgins to his Anthology set.
    2. Paul McCartney (will be challenging as he continues to make more music – he’s like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going . . .)
    3. Fleetwood Mac (they have an extensive music catalog from their early incarnation as a blues band to their more recognizable line up of today)
    4. U2 (probably one of the most progressive rock bands that are still around)
    5. Led Zeppelin
    6. Michael Jackson
    7. Queen (Freddie Mercury and the band!)

    These selections I will personally purchase, but not sure about the commercial viability for some of them. But I guess that’s why we have this Blog of Vision. My suggestion, when possible is to include related concert dvd’s, i’m sure you can easily design the storage for that!

  16. Dave Hammond

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned these yet, but how about The Byrds & The Jefferson Airplane/ Jefferson Starship? I’d also like to throw a vote in for The Beach Boys, The Who, Billy Joel and The Monkees. I’d buy a box for any of them. (Though I’d most like to see one for The Byrds.)

  17. Remtiw

    I think you should make one of Pink Floyd. Not only do they have great music, but the artwork on thier albums are just incredible! I think one of the best parts of the box of vision is that it’s very artsy and makes effective use of the album artwork. A Pink Floyd Box Of Vision would be amazing and spectacular.

  18. KDubs

    The 60s Rolling Stones would be an interesting one – followed by the 70s Rolling Stones. Springsteen is a great idea. Elvis Costello I would buy. REM is an interesting (slightly more) modern one that I haven’t heard anyone mention. I’m thinking of bands that have rabid fans too. U2, the Smiths, the Jam, the Clash. I would buy any of these.

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