In the Spirit of the Holidays…. I’m gifting Beatles Gifts….. (not just the Box of Vision)

I have launched a little holiday website. I’m calling it Eight Gifts A Week and you can find it at  or at

Its a wish list site for Beatles gifts. I originally had the idea of doing something like this for the Box of Vision site: so you could list which CDs you needs to fill up your Box of Vision, and send the list to your friends and family. With all the different new Beatles items available this year, I thought there might be  a place for a broader Beatles gift wish list site. So thats what I created.

Then i started to think, wouldnt it be fun to make some of those wishes come true. Its been a good year for the Box of Vision, and I have Beatles fans to thank. So, I thought this was a good way to celebrate….spread the cheer, if you will.

So I decided I would give away “eight gifts a week.”  From December 12 through Christmas Day i will randomly pick gift wishes and make them true off of people’s posted lists. No less than 8 gifts a week.  There is nothing to buy (I’m not selling anything on the site). All you have to do is register (its easy and free) and post your list.

I’ll be giving away some USB “Apples, ”  some Remastered box sets (including some monos), Trivial pursuit, a Rock Band or two, a bunch of CDs and some Beatles related books, and of course some Beatles Box of Visions from my private stash (some very low numbers of the limited edition first printing).

So go for it. Spread the word. The more the “merrier”as they say…

Merry Crimble from



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5 responses to “In the Spirit of the Holidays…. I’m gifting Beatles Gifts….. (not just the Box of Vision)

  1. pinocchio

    Thanks for making this site! Good promotion and generous to boot.

    Another question I had about the box is the spine photos. One guy on a message board I read wrote, “I did appreciate that the spine of AR had noticeable ‘finger wear’ as a subliminal message from the creator that this was the most played LP.” Is he right? And are these your personal copies?

  2. jerseydevil27

    I can’t find how to enter the wishlist

    • have you registered? if so you will receive an email to click on if your spam filter does not block it. If you do not receive this email within 15 minutes of registering, email me directly at and let me know how far you got in the process so i can help you get it done…

  3. Donna

    Thank you. A wish that comes true is a good thing.

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