THE BEATLES Box Of Vision Fully Loaded– 34 discs…..



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5 responses to “THE BEATLES Box Of Vision Fully Loaded– 34 discs…..

  1. CLRS316

    I just wanted to give a big ‘Thank You’ for taking the time to follow up and provide answers, tips, and interesting factoids about your product. The type of personal customer service you are providing here is almost non existent today.

  2. Ray From Texas

    I am kinda late on this Box but I think it is awesome! I wish all bands that I love would do something like this to help out those of us who REALLY love music to store and display it!

  3. pinocchio

    I just got my stereo box as an early Xmas present and have loaded up the BoV with the help of your videos. I’m having some trouble with the white album digipak but can’t seem to find the video where you showed how to manage it (I remember a special comment about not using the corner tab since it was so tall). Also I am now wondering about why I’m putting the discs under the digipak, since I still have to remove the pak to get to the disk itself. Does removing the disc make the pak thinner and thus easier to fit in? A third thing: With all the CDs in it, the “door” tends to open up on the box when I store it (vertically, with the spines facing out). Is it meant to be stored only flat? I don’t mind squeezing the door shut with another book, but I just don’t want to have the pages tearing out over time or anything.

    And finally I am noticing that my Capitol Box jackets (very thin) fit and look so beautiful in there (I have them where the red/blue sets would be). Just wondering if by chance you originally anticipated the remasters coming in a thinner format like that?

    oh, one other thing: did you know that the launch of the BoV website was the first tip-off to the coming remasters?:

    (see the 6th post down)

    Was it an accident that you preceded the remaster announcement, or was it just expected to go under the radar, or just not a concern either way?

    • Pinocchio: For the White album. remove the “o” card– the sleeve tha goes around the digipak box, flatten it and store it inside the plastic page sleeve underneath the sheet with the Remove the “O’ card fromt eh White album– thats the card that wraps around the white album package. flatten that out and slip it into the big plasitc page beneath the sheet with thealbum artwork on it. Then the white album should fit in the space fine (without using the clip).

      As for the digipaks, if you sotr them in the “clips” its still easier than having to open up the digipak each time to pull out the CD, and easier to slip the Cd back in. Another way to do this though is store the digipak boxes inside the plastic page sleeve (so underneath where the CD goes.) Then put the CD booklet in the pocket that would otherwise store the digipak. If you are accessing your CDs often, this may make it more practical for you.

      The original design was before I knew about the digipaks, so that did come in later….

      the box should close without having to squeeze the door shut. Im wondering if you are storing something else in there that is taking up extra space?

  4. Really love the “Box of Vision” – think I’m “fully loaded” – maybe more than most. Have been able to load all the UK and US albums. Thanks for the suggestions using the felt pads, etc. Here’s my layout –

    Side 1 – Beatles Remasters digipacks – PPM, WTB, AHDN, BFS

    Side 2 – Help, RS, Revolver, SPLHCB

    Side 3 – MMT, White Album, YS, YS (Songtracks)

    Side 4 – AR, LIB, LIB (Naked), Past Masters

    Side 5 – MTB (Capitol Vol. 1), BSA, SN, Beatles ’65

    Side 6 – EB (Capitol Vol. 2), Beatles VI, Help (US), RS (US)

    Side 7 – Live AT BBC, Anthology 1, 2, 3

    Side 8 – Beatles Red, Beatles Blue, Beatles 1, Love

    So far only one mishap – the plastic ripped in one of the corner’s loading one of the felt pads … do be careful …

    Thanks again for a wonderful presentation … the book album art is awesome … Theo

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