Box Of Vision Archives: Old Prototype Photos

Been very busy getting ready for the holidays (including a special Beatles holiday idea I will be launching over the next week or s0…more about that later), and starting on some new projects for next year.

I will soon get back to writing more about The Beatles Box of Vision, and especially the artwork. And I will be uploading some more videos as requested on loading the Box.

In the meantime I thought it might be interesting to some of you if I uploaded some photos of the first BEATLES Box of Vision prototype.


beatles_front copy

As i mentioned in an earlier blog, the original idea was not a box but a book that contained both artwork pages and CD storage pages.


As you might be able to see, the CD holding pages were in many ways more luxurious– the CDs rested on soft “parachute” material that i always really loved. The two drawbacks were: (1) the limitations on what could be printed (only  black and white, and not very sophisticated images– so I went with Apple “apples” that included each album title, instead of the album art); and (2) the cost– very expensive. Would have put the retail price close to $200.

I still do love those storage pages though… maybe one day for the more elaborate version (you know, the one with all the Rubber Soul album covers, and every version of the back cover of “Introducing… The Beatles.” The 100 lb.version that comes with its own handtruck…).

Anyway, here are some of those old photos….


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