Three Breakfasts….and still going strong

Thanks to Chris, Dennis and Cha-Chi for the kind words….

“Just like people who enjoy being home for the holidays, yer new Beatles remastered CD’s want to have a nice warm & beautiful home to go to as well…and this year they will! The Beatles Box of Vision is the perfect home for yer Beatles discs and my personal favorite when it comes to Beatles related holiday gifts for 2009…
And trust me…I know these things!”

Chris Carter
Host of America’s longest running Beatles radio show
Breakfast w/ the Beatles
SIRIUS/XM – 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles

“The Box of Vision is unique, elegant and fun. Not only is it a beautiful display accessory for Beatles CDs, it is also a functional space-saver and organizer for collecting all of the band’s music in digital format, including the recently released remasters series. It also includes the most impressive collection of Beatles album artwork in one place that I have ever seen, in the form of a hardcover book that fits nicely in the package with all your discs. Extremely well thought-out .”

Dennis Mitchell
“Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles”


  • The Beatles Box of Vision honors the legacy of The Beatles in a way that is unprecedented. The Beatles were musical and artistic visionaries, so it is only fitting that their music be housed in this luxurious tribute to the Fab Four. No need to let our Beatle CDs just sit on a shelf, now we can display our most valued music collection in a storage system that pays homage to the music that we love and cherish. The Beatles Box of Vision also gives us a chance to once again appreciate the Beatles album artwork in high quality reproductions, and the catalography guide book provides the back story to each Beatle album. I absolutely love it!

    Cha-Chi Loprete
    Host of Breakfast With The Beatles


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