The name “Box of Vision”

If you search Amazon for “Box of Vision” (and we will be available on Amazon any day now, by the way),  you will find where I got the name “Box of Vision” from. It comes from a song written by the great songwriter Tom Russell. (His song, and the album it first appeared on, are actually titled “Box of Visions.”

I liked the way the name sounded, as i envisioned the Box as including the artist’s “vision”– their body of work as they released it (as opposed to a “box set” which in most cases is a revisionist perspective, or an attempt to summarize or present the artist’s work from a particular angle).

More importantly, the Tom Russell song, as I interpreted it, is from a father to a child, expressing his wish that he could give her a box that contained all the experiences he hoped she could have in her life. I thought that was a fitting sentiment for THE BEATLES Box of Vision– and my wish that my son (and your children) could experience the Beatles music in a context that would let him appreciate the artwork, chronology and history.



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11 responses to “The name “Box of Vision”

  1. Sorry to post this here, but my copy of the box was supposedly sent from the US on 22nd October by FedEx. It has yet to arrive here in the Netherlands.

    I’ve been told to wait 2 – 3 weeks for it, but that seems rather long for a FedEx package. Even the plain old post doesn’t take that long from the US. I’ve also been told there’s so tracking number available, which is also odd for FedEx, in my experience.

    I’ve queried this with the US shop, but am still awaiting a reply. Should I be concerned? I ordered from the US shop in order to obtain one of the few numbered copies that remained at the time.

    I’m looking forward to receiving this item, but I’m just a little concerned.

    • Hi Ian: Please hang in there and it will come to you.. When you order from the US shop to a European destination I believe it all goes to France first (a Fed EX sorting center) before the Netherlands. I believe this is the reason they do not issue a normal tracking number for these. (They are shipped in bulk to France and have a bulk tracking number). None of it makes a lot of sense to me either, but we’ve shipped a number there already from the US and they have arrived safely. Give it another week or so and if not let me know and I will help you follow up…

      • Hello Jon,

        It’s been just over 3 weeks now and there’s still no sign of the box. I’ve written to to ask if they can look into the matter.

        Without a tracking number, it could be anywhere. Even if the boxes are bulk-shipped to France first, it seems odd that it would take longer than 3 weeks to open up the boxes, repack the BoVs and send them on their way.

        Given that the shipping charge was $70, this seems like a rather poor performance.

        Don’t take this personally; I just want my box, as I’m sure you can appreciate. Now we’re at 3+ weeks, I’m getting concerned that it might not be coming at all.

        It just doesn’t take this long to bulk-ship to France, open the boxes and repack the individual sets for ongoing shipment. This is FedEx’s bread and butter business, so it’s hard to believe there’s a turnaround of almost a month.

        Reassure me again, Jon. 🙂

      • Hi Ian: I will get into it. I f I dont get a clearer answer i will have a new one sent to you. If you get them both please let me know so we can arrange to get one back!

  2. Lee R.

    Thanks for the explanation. That’s a beautiful sentiment, and I definitely bought the box based on the idea of being able to share especially the hardback book with my little niece and nephew. The mono box lovely LP replica sleeves are wonderful to have, but as you clearly know, there’s nothing like seeing the art in its proper size. It’s a great thing you did here.

  3. pinocchio

    About sizes: how do you feel about having to blow up the size of the jackets on the spine in order to accommodate the inside materials? Did ever debate about doing the box regular size and shrinking the art book just a little to fit inside? Or doing the box as just a slip cover so it had the same dimensions as the inside book? I suppose this would also complicate how to accommodate the CDs, since the width of 2 CDs is bigger than an LP jacket. Finally, still curious about the upside down bottom spines you mentioned in your first post!


  4. Just a suggestion–since I don’t own the blue or red sets why not just (instead of having a pre-designed place for them) have something generic such as the Beatles logo or a picture of the band? I’ve put my Capitol albums disks in there and they look great but it does seem rather awkward to have them over the artwork for another CD. Just my little input on what is still a great product?

    Lynn Fairbanks, California

  5. PS: the question mark at the end shouldn’t be there–it’s a statement meant to show how much I enjoy the BOV–I just thought that the pre-designed slots for the re-masters were an excellent idea but let collectors use other spaces for what they want to insert and where.

    Looking forward to info on your next product!

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