CATALOGRAPHY–Now Typo Free! (or close i hope)

Typos happpin.  When putting together the Box of Vision we proofread the Catalography text and song chart no less than 50 times. I remember a conversation I had with Bruce Spizer where I told him I was completely bleary eyed but I was sure I caught every mistake and corrected them (hah!). He assured me, having written more books than Stephen King, that no matter how many times you proofread, as soon as the first books come rolling off the presses an obvious typo or two will stare you in the eye. Once again Bruce, you were right. (Though I am still having a hard time accepting that the NO Saints are really better than the Giants).

Attached are pdfs for the revised Catalography pages for the Song Chart (which will appear in new printings), now corrected (until you find new typos). I am making these available now so that those of you who want to at least have the revised info can. I will figure out a way to make available a new chart in hard copy form (its a little complicated as i am not allowed to sell the Catalography separately, so i am working on a solution).

The changes are as follows:

“Anna” and “Boys” of course were not written by Lennon/McCartney. Beatle writer credit deleted.

“Not a Second Time” and “I’ll Get You“ were  L/M compositions. Beatle writer credit inserted.

“Flying” should have been credited to all 4 Beatles, not just Lennon/McCartney, as should “Maggie Mae” which should have been credited as “Trad. Arr. L/M/H/Starkey.” This has been revised.

Somehow, we managed to leave out the song “Dig It” from both the song chart and the album track listings. It should have been listed on the Let it Be album (both UK and US of course), between the songs “I Me Mine” and “Let it Be.”  The songwriting credit should be all four Beatles. It now is.

And, somehow we left “I’m Down” off the song chart. It was of course a Lennon/McCartney credited composition, and its appearances on UK albums were first on Rock And Roll Music, then on Rarities, and then on Past Masters Vol. One. In the US it also appeared first on Rock And Roll Music and later on Past Masters Vol. One. This has been corrected.

Finally (I hope) I must apologize to Bruce Spizer for my accidentally editing out an important point regarding the recording of the “Let it Be” album. In the text below the “Let it Be” album….the clause that says that all the Let It Be recording took place prior to the ABBEY ROAD LP recordings is of course incorrect. It should have said that  “predominantly all” of this recording took place prior.

Ok. Let the beatings begin….





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2 responses to “CATALOGRAPHY–Now Typo Free! (or close i hope)

  1. pinocchio

    Just want to say thanks because the big art book is just what I wanted for the same reason you describe when you envisioned it – except I grew up post-vinyl so the need is even more urgent! This is why I love the BoV, though I still have to be convinced to move my new box set CDs from their reasonably-accessible boxes into the BoV. I’m optimistic that your blog will convert me once I better understand how to use it.

    I did notice the upside down spine on the bottom, which you mentioned, and look forward to hearing about that. Also (this is a crazy thing), for some reason I imagined the outward-facing spine with the LPs would be cardboard, sort of undulating and shaped so that it felt like real LPs lined up. In hindsight that sounds super expensive to do, but maybe it’s an idea that could be used for future boxes.

  2. RB

    “I will figure out a way to make available a new chart in hard copy form (its a little complicated as i am not allowed to sell the Catalography separately, so i am working on a solution).”

    This can be solved by not selling them. Send them for FREE to everyone who bought the BOV. After all, we paid a lot of dough and it’s flawed! : )


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