Thanks for the Comments…

Wow. One day and already a load of comments. I’m trying to figure out how to make them all visible so I can respond to them openly (even the criticism… all good). Give me a day and i will answer them all….

One thing for now: Wayne Brady is in fact the host of Lets Make a Deal…not Steve Harvey. I figured I’d fess up to my mistake before the rest of you daytime TV watchers can grill me for it tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Thanks for the Comments…

  1. Bill

    Hi jonpolki-
    Thanks for doing this. I had another question about the Box of Vision at Restoration Hardware. I was in one of their stores last week and saw the Box of Vision. It was identical to mine except it not have a number in the back indicating one of 7200. Does this mean that there are other products out there or that there are actually more than 7200 made?

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