Lets Make A Deal

Just an entertaining note today: Just found out that we will be the featured prize on Lets Make A Deal (new version with WAYNE BRADY as host) airing this coming Wednesday (Oct 21) on CBS daytime. Its part of a gift package we helped put together: the BoV, all the remasters, a trip to Liverpool for two and five nights in the John Lennon suite at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel….. we stayed there last month during Beatles week and had a blast….



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11 responses to “Lets Make A Deal

  1. Joe Mongiardo

    I love my Box of Vision! I’d love to frame the full-size album covers, but I’d hate to ruin the book. Is there a way that I can purchase the book of album covers on its own?

  2. Randy Moe

    I thought that preorders would receive numbered sets… all i saw on mine was a sticker on the bubble wrap with a number on it…

    Is the number somewhere else I have not noticed yet???

  3. Bob DePugh

    Dear Box of Vision folks,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my Box of Vision, not just as a handsome visual piece to enjoy on its own, but also the act of compiling my Beatles collection that it made so enjoyable.

    While I appreciated the “suggestions” of what to put where, I didn’t follow them. Like many fans, I have my own preferences between US and UK releases, and have not totally “bought in” to all the later releases, such as the red and blue sets, or the Let It Be (Naked) release, for instance.

    So my Box of Vision is a personal mix of the Capitol CDs, the new re-masters, a re-constructed “Yesterday and Today”, an import disc of the live Hamburg recordings, “Live at Hollywood Bowl” dubbed from vinyl, and several compilations which include the extra tracks from the BBC & Anthology CD singles, plus the odd bootleg track I’ve come across over the years.

    The only thing that could make me more of a geek is the fact that I’m writing to you about it now. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!


    • Thats the idea. Its your collection, it should be what you want it to be. At BeatleFest West someone used a great reference that I’ve now appropriated: if your house is on fire, you can grab the box and save your Beatles collection. So, use it for what you need to save…

  4. Bill Zuber

    Is the Box of Vision sold through the Restoration Hardware website the same as the one you are selling?

    • Hi Bill. yes, the only difference is it is sold with the 14 remastered CDs, and all packaged together in a beautiful gift box that will look pretty good under the Christmas tree (check it out in person– i believe it will be in store November 1).

  5. S Scalise

    STEVE HARVEY looks a lot like Wayne Brady

    • yes– a quick error! I always get them confused (by name… i wouldnt know either if I bumped into them on the street!) dont know why! thanks fo the correction.

  6. Rick– first, the digipaks go in the slot where you would otherwise put the CD booklet– the corresponding CD goes right under in the round CD slot. im not sure what you mean by putting them somewhere else. I will make a video and put it up on youtube….stay tuned. As far as Restroation Hardware what you are seeing in the photos is simply the box the CDs ship in. they are not individual slots for each CD. The Box of Vision is exactly the same…

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