Why didn’t I include the back cover of the US Rubber Soul?

And the simple answer is…. I did… see the back cover of the UK Rubber Soul album.

Ok…i know thats not a fair response, so i will explain:

The LP artwork book in the Box of Vision was not meant to be a “reference book.” It was meant to be an “art book”– something beautiful that celebrated the artwork of the Beatles LPs. If I simply repeated all of the US LP covers that replicated the UK ones the book would have been less interesting (as in “seen that already, there it is again.”) With one exception, I did not repeat anything.

Now, I know some of you will say (because you have said)… “the US Rubber Soul back cover is different from the UK because it has a different tracklisting”…. well, yes, but the artwork is identical. Now I did include the front cover of the US Rubber Soul LP, even though it looks very much like the front cover of the UK Rubber Soul LP, but that is because not only was the “Rubber Soul” title/logo a different color in the US, but the crop on the photo was different, as was the coloring/shading of the photo.

And compare that to the fact–which people rarely remark about–that the US Revolver front and back covers are missing– again, because the artwork on both is identical to the UK version, other than the Parlophone/Capitol logos on the respective UK/US covers, and the different tracklistings on the back cover.

The different track listings for all of the LPs can of course be found/compared in the “Catalography” booklet included in the BoV, which was intended to be a sort of reference book.

Now the one exception to my “seen that already, there it is again” rule was the inclusion of the “Let It Be” US front cover, which is essentially identical to the UK version, and the back cover which does in fact have some subtle differences. My reasoning here was that I had to include the US gatefold, which did not appear in the UK LP, and it would have been too strange and confusing to have the center gatefold without a cover to give it context.

So there you have it…one FAQ down…. more to come…. your comments are welcome of course…..Please, it gets lonely here….



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2 responses to “Why didn’t I include the back cover of the US Rubber Soul?

  1. old flat top

    Why no stereo or mono heading the Please Please Me LP? Was it just copied from the 1987 cd cover?

    In addition to blaknsam’s comments–Introducing The Beatles had several back cover variations! There’s no good reason to not have included at least one or two. And I would have liked to have seen maybe the mono butcher cover (front and back) and stereo trunk cover (front and back).

    • Hello Old Flat Top: no it was not just copied from the cover. Put those glasses on! A lot of work went into creating that print. Look especially at the faces. More about the specifics in upcoming blog posts. But as far as the no mono or stereo on the Please Please Me cover– i have it on good authority that the very first release of the LP was just like this, with neither designation.

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