THE BEATLES Box Of Vision–BLOG….. Part One

At least I’m not Tweeting”

So after ducking a number of suggestions that I start a blog about the Box of Vision, I have finally given in. I’m not saying you were right…I just started thinking that maybe there were things I should write about: frequently asked questions I can answer to more than one person at once… things I think are interesting that haven’t necessarilly been asked…. helpful hints about storing CDs… unravel a few mysteries…correct a few mistakes….and talk about what else is on the way. Okay, maybe you were right.

So, coming soon, in this blog space:

How it all came about (I will write that one when I have time to really do it justice);

The Beatles artwork: what we actually did and why it looks so good (very proud of that);

Why some things are there and others are not;

The typos (not too proud of those);

The mystery of the plastic strap solved;

The secret of  Ace felt pads and how they can increase your enjoyment (if keeping CD booklets from jumping around is something  you enjoy);

The story behind the upside down spines (have you noticed yet?);

And various other things, including new products on the way.

I would love to hear your comments. I’d especially like to know what yould like to see in the future (what artists you would want similar prodcut for and why).

So, to begin with, coming up, same blog time, same blog channel:

Why didn’t you include the back cover of the US Rubber Soul album?…”



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16 responses to “THE BEATLES Box Of Vision–BLOG….. Part One

  1. This is a good idea. I’ve only just begun to enjoy my box, and this blog will help me to appreciate it even more. For those of us who spent the money, your time and effort in making (and explaining things about) this set is much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Jackie Renfrow

    When I opened up my box of vision the last page for CD’s wasn’t connected. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • you mean it is not screwed in? did it come with the screws? it may be a defective (it happens– so far our defective rate is under .o5%, so i think pretty good for a new, complicated product). I have not heard of that happening before, though someone had one scew missing. (i do mean the product). Let me know and we will repair or replace….

  3. KC Jacobs

    Is it possible to add pages?

    I thought I should put in the other things actually released by the Beatles, like the Hollywood Bowl LP and the Christmas LP…

  4. Audie Setser

    I had one of the screws not in the hole just rolling around in the box. I screwed it back in and had to tighten some of the others. I hope the hole isn’t stripped out and the screw stays tight.

  5. pinocchio

    I would love to get a new print of the Let It Be photo book that came with early pressings of the US LP in the box. I think there would still be room in BoV for it too…

  6. Bill

    I’m basically a Beatles newbie. I’ve always known they were around, but never really tried listening to them.

    Giving them props for being music legends, I bought the Mono Boxed Set and the Box of Vision.

    Now – my question is – what stereo Beatles CDs should I buy to “complete” my Beatles music collection – if I’m not in the mood (or budget) to go out and buy the Stereo Boxed Set?

    • Bill, you’ll need the stereo-only albums Abbey Road and Let It Be. You also need Past Masters, which has the Let It Be single mix, The Ballad of John & Yoko, and Old Brown Shoe, three tracks done solely in stereo. I myself knew of the Beatles all my life, but didn’t get into them until high school. Best wishes on introducing yourself to the Beatles, hopefully on your own terms.

  7. rick gratton

    would LOVE to read how you put the Beatles artwork together & what restoration techniques were used, if any? 🙂


  8. Chris Reay

    I purchased one of the numbered sets as soon as I knew they were to be made.

    I appreciate the quality you have put in to the project. To be error-free would be almost impossible; so don’t beat yourself on the head too much.

    I still haven’t decided what I’m going to store in the BoV – probably the 1987 CDs. But I have moved my Capitol, Mono, & Stereo sets to a shelf for easy access in the event of a fire.

    If you ever have a free moment; let us know about how the artwork book came together… And, any feedback from the “Gang of Four”.

    Best wishes, Chris


  9. Mike leiper

    What a beautiful piece of work this is! I loaded my box with just CD booklets and the discs and it is quite superb! I started to load the new digipaks, but I felt it was kinda bulky, and it did stretch the plastic a bit,so I opted instead for just the booklets. There was still plenty of room in the box left over, so I tried ‘inserting’ my own ‘essential’. I had the book written in 1988 by Mark Lewison on the Beatles recording sessions-it is approximately a ‘square’ size-just like an actual vinyl album cover-so I inserted it and it does quite ‘make’ this beautiful piece even more special. Kudos to the makers!

  10. Bill A.

    First, what a great, classy product! Congratulations! Mike, I did same, thanks for sharing. Curious as to how well your booklets stay in place. Meaning, I tried the Digipaks – which fit, but tightly as you mention – however they stretched the plastic so the booklets float. Any suggestions? And I look forward to learning about the “Ace” felt solutions. All the best, Bill

    • will be writing about that very soon and showing how to do it….. thanks

    • Mike leiper

      Yes Bill, the same happened to me as far as first inserting the Digitipaks, then removing them and only inserting the booklets, it did make the booklets float a bit. So I too am waiting as to where and how you insert some felt pads. I felt that since ALL the titles are represented in The Box Of Vision-meaning, The Beatles at The BBC, The Red & Blue albums, Anthologies, etc. It would overall look and feel much better with just the booklets. After all, you cannot put the actual case for something like The BBC or The Anthologies in The Box of Vision, as they are plastic!

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